Many Nigerians only discuss our problems. Join me as one of the few who are actually doing something about them.


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Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year from Onegeria


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Thank you for supporting the Onegeria dream. There will be […]

How S(He) Cheats on you with their Phone….


This is what cheating with your phone looks like. You know what they say, “if you have to sneak around […]

MMM 1-Month Withdrawal Ban is Utterly Unprofessional, Inconsiderate and Illegal


Why am I writing about MMM today? About 3 million ¬†participants of the Nigerian MMM Ponzi scheme woke up to […]

My UnNigerian Prayer for Nigerians


Collectively, I want us all to work towards our individual and group progress which would further lead to Nigeria’s progress […]

Are Skinny Skinny Women Really More Beautiful than Plus-Size Women?


This story trended online last week and is based on the campaign where “plus-size women re-created a bunch of ads […]

There are Stalkers in Nigeria – It is NOT a “White Man’s” thing!!


I just saw this girl on Twitter recount her horrors in the hands of a mentally ill person who stalked […]

Do We Want the Atiku/Okojo Iweala Combo for Nigeria’s President/VP in 2019?


Why can’t we have a youth like this (in the video below) instead lead Nigeria? He is smart, eloquent, hungry […]

Nig. Man Recounts His Ordeal When Robbers Attacked His Home


A Facebook user recounted his ordeal (below) when robbers invaded his home today, Sunday 4th December 2016

Pictures: The Africa the World Knows Versus the Africa You & I Know!


You know, I was just thinking to myself a few minutes ago (maybe I should not be thinking at all […]

Who Knows this Guy? Pls, Share this Video Let’s Find Him. Why Can’t We Support Someone Like Him to Lead us?


He breathes raw passion for Nigeria, our people and our plight. He has a good head on his shoulders. Yes! […]