Hi there! My name is Uche. I am a Nigerian who currently lives in Canada. I have a burning desire to routinely visit Nigeria to help those in need via various community projects.

I have been told that I have a very unique, objective, compassionate, open-minded and non-traditional view of the world, and I would love to share that experience with you. My friend, Matthew, calls it a Mind Shift.

Many Nigerians only discuss our problems. Please, join me as one of the few who are actually providing solutions to Nigerians.



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Hi there! My name is Uche. I am a Nigerian, currently living in Canada. I desire to visit Nigeria to nurture various community projects.

People say that I am very objective, compassionate, open-minded and non-traditional. It has propagated my success immensely and I would love to share that Mind Shift experience with you. Please, join me as one of the few who are actually providing solutions to Nigerians

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  Gender Equality

This is NOT the Kind of “Equality” Feminism is About

  Ok! We all know feminism is about equal opportunities for both genders, right? But do we know what “equality”Read More

  Mind Shift

Is there Any Hope for Nigeria?

There is hope for Nigeria. I have seen many Nigerian youths who are conquering great frontiers on their social mediaRead More


Resources for Domestic Violence Agencies in Nigeria

I was curious to know if there are resources available to Nigerians who are experiencing domestic abuse and I wasRead More

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My Nigerian University Experience

Most say that you will be defined by your university (undergraduate) life. Others claim the secondary (high) school is theirRead More

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Want to Work in Canada? Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Program might be for you

Do you wish to work in Canada? Most foreign nationals can apply to work in Alberta through the Temporary ForeignRead More

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How to Improve Employment Opportunities as a Student Overseas

  “If you go to the abroad for a Masters degree with the primary purpose of increasing your employment chances,Read More

  Mind Shift

Something that Needs to be Said: Your Opinion isn’t Another’s Reality

I have been following this incredible question, “what is something that needs to be said?” on Quora for a whileRead More

  Gender Equality

Do We Weaken Our Society by Opposing Gender Equality?

Do we? Do we ever question the effects of suppressing 1 gender in our society? Does it weaken or strengthenRead More

  Gender Equality

Gender Equality Also Fights for Male Rights

Gender equality is almost always misunderstood. It usually presents a negative connotation to most.

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10 Powerful Reasons to School in Canada

Here are my 10 most powerful reasons to school in Canada below; 1.  Canada is a country of immigrants. It is saidRead More

  Gender Equality

What Most African Men ACTUALLY Mean by Submission in Marriage

We hear and see men applaud the biblical submission like a holy grail but what do most African men actually meanRead More

  Gender Equality

Why do African Men Hate the Subject, “Women Empowerment”?

First and foremost, do you agree with me that every human being should be empowered? If your answer is “Yes”Read More

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10 Reasons NOT to be in Any Country Without Proper Immigration Documents (Papers)

Before you assume the only way to migrate to a country is by marrying a citizen of that country or doingRead More


10 Ways We Perpetuate the “Chronic Cheating Male Dominated” Culture in Nigeria

No matter how much we try with the cheap excuses, cheating in your relationship is an extremely dirty behaviour. However,Read More

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