Are Skinny Skinny Women Really More Beautiful than Plus-Size Women?

This story trended online last week and is based on the campaign where “plus-size women re-created a bunch of ads to prove the fashion industry wrong”. Of course, it caught my attention.

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Does Writing Ok as K Save you Time?

After 22 years in Office, Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh Concedes Defeat

President, Yahya Jammeh’s 22 years political evolution in one photo collage (Image credit:Charles Onyango-Obbo)

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Scientists Illustrate what Happens to Your Body After Death (Clue: It’s NOT Pretty)

“Oh death where is thy sting?”
~ William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, II:5
(Header image source: www.telegraph.co.uk)

Do not Get it Twisted; Celebrities do not Owe you a thing!

They are human beings like you, flawed in the same capacity that we all are so, you should hold them with the same regard as you do yourself. It is only fair!

1. They make fashion mistakes as well (Did you not hear that they are humans as well?)

Image from the web
2. They also have bad days (You cannot expect them to be happy all the time when you walk into them. Are you happy all the time?).

3. They are allowed to gain weight (Look at your own body, your midsection. Yes! They eat as well, and can gain weight just like you and I. I do not know why they are expected to be skinny all the time when the general population is fat).

Image from the web

4. Their money is solely theirs (after all they worked for it. If they decide to share with their family and some fans, then that is wonderful but do not think their money belongs to you).

5. They have their own problems as well, be it personal or financial (their lives are not perfect. If they were to sponsor every project the public throws their way, or donate money to every cause, they will probably run crazy).

Mercy Johnson and husband, donating to widows in their community
Image from the web
LeBron James
Lebron James
Image from the web
6. They are allowed to NOT promote campaigns like “save the environment”, “I will rather go naked than wear fur”, Feminism, etc. I see some people asking why this celebrity is wearing fur, not supporting the environment etc. Just like you, you cannot support the Red Cross, Food Bank, your local charity, Salvation Army….. No one can do it all. They are allowed to do 1 or 2 or none at all!

7. They might make great mistakes as well (At times, they might even go to jail and do some time; something a lot of us know too well. They are no different).

Ben Affleck in a photoshopped mugshot photo
Image from the web
8. Does it seem like they are powerful, pompous, have their way all the time, buy themselves out of trouble? (If you had the money, I bet you might do same. Heck! Some people do not have money but they are the same and…………more).

9. They are allowed to spend money on anything they like (If they want to buy a pencil for $50,000, it is their money and they should be allowed to spend it anyhow, when and anywhere they wish).

Eddie Murphy’s House, called the Crown Jewel of Los Lagos
which he owned from 1998 – 2007
Omg! This place is amazing!!
Image from the web

10. They are not your role models (Being a role model is hard. Some Celebrities like Rihanna, have come out to say that they are no one’s role model. That should be fine! People have different backgrounds and lifestyles, and you cannot force them to become the ideal example for our children.
If you cannot be a great role model for the younger ones around you, please do not expect some celebrity (who happens to be a stranger) to do your job by becoming a role model to them. If the children around you celebrate and love them, you can allow that but place some sound moral advice with them. I would not worry about children with great foundation in their upbringing, I think they will be fine).

Images from Paparaco
Image from the web
They are human beings just like you and I. The only difference is that the camera (paparazzi) is on them every second and captures all their mistakes as well.
How fair is that life?

MC Galaxy’s “Sekem” Gets Upgraded by Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz

Yay!!! The remix for the popular song, Sekem which has been baking in Swizz Beatz’ kitchen for the past 6 months is now done. I am curious to know what is different about it. Is the sound smoother or…….?
You tell me if the remix is very different or better than the original version.
Watch below
See other pictures taken in the course of recording this remix below
MC Galaxy
MC Galaxy and Swizz Beatz in the studio for Skem Remix in 2015
Image from the web

MC Galaxy Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz
Image from the web

British PM Lodged Funds Offshore. Thank God! They are as Corrupt as the Rest of Us!

Image from the web

I always wondered what the moral character of most foreigners would be without the laws they have in place, in their wonderful countries. Are they truly disciplined or will they fall like a pack of cards, and be buried in the grime and mess of corruption, if the opportunity were ever to present itself to them?

I know that when I am in Nigeria, I relax – go with what works there (you know-when you are in Rome, do like the Romans kinda ish……). And when I return back to Canada, I respect the law, respect the system and “face my front!”.

Anyway, David Cameron, the British Prime Minister is another high profile personality named in the papers leaked from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca. I need to see this leaked document that has riled the world lately (reminds me of Wikileaks). I think Putin was also named (of course, he was named!)

Image from the web

According to The Guardian, the leaked documents suggest David Cameron’s father, Ian Cameron ran a fund in order to avoid paying tax in Britain by hiring Bahamas’ residents to sign its paperwork (This is just too complicated for me to understand. Simple question; Nigerians call it “Loot”. Did he loot or not?). They said David followed in his old man’s footsteps and also bought shares in this offshore account.

However, (Wait people before you blow a fuse! Don’t rush to conclude.), David denies any foul play in any of these transactions and said his armpits hands are clean. (I do not believe that. I think his hands are dirty. Only “his hands” though unlike our own politicians who are dirty all over).
Someone had this question for David Cameron, “If you are so innocent, then why do you have an offshore account in the first place?”
Edited from Yahoo News

Do you think Pornography is a “public health crisis” and “infectious, fatal epidemic”?

Image from the web
Some pornography facts:
  1. Porn sites get 450 million new visitors per month (that is more than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter combined – Wow!!)
  2. 93 percent of boys and 62 percent of girls are exposed to pornography before age 18.
  3. Many people are addicted to pornography without even knowing it.

Do you think pornography is an issue that we should be worried about – whether now or in the future? Do you think it should be treated like a war that people from every faith should fight together?

In the United States of America, Utah lawmakers declared pornography a public health crisis. This is the first of its kind in the country. Elder Holland and other community leaders came together at a conference organized by the Utah Coalition Against Pornography over concern around what they call a growing epidemic as dangerous as an infectious disease. This anti-pornography group has grown from about 200 to 3000 members over 15 years

Image from the web

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, member of the LDS Church’s Quorum of the Twelve Apostles had this to say,

“Society must see this evil like the epidemic it is. This ought to be seen like a public health crisis, like a war, like an infectious fatal epidemic, like a moral plague on the body politic that is maiming the lives of our citizens. We do need to see this (pornography) like avian flu, cholera, diphtheria or polio. It needs to be eradicated. Catholic bishops, Protestant ministers, Jewish rabbis and Muslim mullahs have all spoken out on this sin because God Himself has spoken out on it,” 

Just a rhetorical question though; do you think these Elders and pastors have ever watched pornographic films before? Do you think they watched it in the past and vaguely remember how sickening it was and are speaking out against it? Or do you think that someone just told them something like “there is a kind of movie made where people strip ALL their clothes and have sex for public viewing, and anyone in the world can watch” and they picked up the fight from there?

I do not know! But I hope they do not speak like Saints in public then run amok as slutty evils behind closed doors (just kidding). 

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What punishment will you give to a man that defiles his own daughter?

Image from the web

A 58 year old man, Mr. John Ufoegbu was sentenced to two years behind bars in Port Harcourt, Rivers State for incest (sexually abusing his biological daughter), Miss Ebubechukwu Ufoegbu who is only 10-years old.

The presiding judge, Justice Adolphus Enebeli called the act a despicable, disturbing, disgraceful and abnormal sexual act between father and daughter. He also called on the society at large to protect children’s vulnerability from sexual predators and discussed the psychological trauma that this little girl could suffer for the rest of her life.

Read what this convicted father told the judge:

“The girl in question is my daughter. I have never had any sexual experience with her even if I have problem with her mother. God is my witness and the greatest judge.”

I do not want to make light of a serious situation but does the line “I have never had any sexual relations experience with her……………….” ring a bell to you? I think his mentor might be Bill Clinton or his defense lawyer probably stole Bill Clinton’s line from his Monica Lewinsky days for his client.
I got news for you Mr. John, if you are going to molest your innocent daughter, at least come up with original lines to defend yourself.
And why only a two-year sentence? Yes, I have a problem with his sentence. I can count a zillion charges against him right now:
  1. Indecent relations with a minor.
  2. Abusing a “ward of state” left in his care.
  3.  Perjury.
  4. Sexual assault.
(I am not even a lawyer but I have a huge pile of charges on him already).
Some people are really not cut out to be fathers.
Image from the web
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Thinking of plastic surgery? Think twice then thrice!

See the following “before and after” pictures of celebrities who got more than they bargained for after they went under the knife.
Are these results caused by bad doctors or unnecessary decisions to tweak one feature or the other, or just bad luck?
You decide!

Amanda Lepore

 Big Ang

Carrot Top

Daryl Hannah

Donatella Versace

Jackie Stone

Joan Van Ark

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Latoya Jackson

 Melanie Griffith

 Mickey Rourke

 Pete Burns

 Victoria Beckham

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