Uche Jombo’s Body Shamers, the Shame is on You!

There are so many Hollywood ideals that we have embraced but one that I will FIRMLY stand against is BODY SHAMING new mothers for their post-pregnancy bodies. And to make matters worse, the perpetrators of these petty behaviours are usually women.

I just take one look at people who compare Human A to Human B and I do not have any respect for them. To me, their minds are so small, even the Hubble telescope would not be able to find them from 1 inch away. Yes! I do not have any patience for “Who is the fairest of them all?”
Uche’s husband, Kenny Rodriguez with their baby
If I react like that to beauty comparisons, you can bet that body shaming makes me want to just unplug some people from the internet FOREVER (if I can).
Uche Jombo is a beautiful woman. She just had a baby, you follow her on instagram and you have this sick, twisted physique in your mind for her. Do you not see that is your own problem, not hers? If you get sleepless nights over her weight, then something is wrong with your head. Go back to a shrink and get the loose screws in your head fixed properly.
I will keep saying this, “If you do not have anything nice to say, please do not talk”.
Seriously, you need to know how stupid you sound. You want to tell a grown woman how to live her life? The fact that you follow her on Instagram does not give you the right to tear her down. Anyone in this century that loses her post baby weight, good for her. It is between the lady and her husband (probably only her business even).
When did this stupid “lose baby weight” craze start? Our mothers just had their babies and went about their business. 
This is not the first time that Uche has been body shamed. However, fellow actress, Chioma Akpotha, jumped in to put the online trolls in their place.
She wrote,

“Hello Everyone. I’m a bit emotional now but I’d try hard to drive my point home. I took my last post down just like I did another one a few days back all because of the bashing you all come to drop on my page for Uche.

Uche is this, Uche is that. “Ha! Is that Uche? I thought that was a panda” . “Uche take it easy o!, diabetes is around the corner” . “Uche, marriage has dragged you down.” And it goes on and on and on…. Why if I may ask do you sit behind your laptops and your phones and throw demeaning words at your fellow human being? And to think most of these hateful comments come from women who I think are full of bitterness themselves because it is out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, in this case the hands type.

Who died and made you Uche’s watchman? Did Uche tell you she doesn’t have a mirror in her house? Did she tell she doesn’t know her dress size has changed? Did she by any chance tell you Kenny is complaining? Did she beg you for money to buy slimming tea and she pocketed the money and bought chocolates instead? Did you give Uche money to hit the gym but instead she pocketed the money and chose to sit at home and watch movies with bowls of caramel coated popcorn and a jumbo size soda?

Do you know how many pregnancies she lost before #BabyMatthew came? Did you know whilst we were on set for #WivesOnStrike Uche was over 4mths gone with a baby she eventually lost? And that was not the only one? Do you then begin to think of the process her body has been through all these years? Do you all not just want to be human or you just feel better when you put the other down? #PullThemDownSyndrome

What if @uchejombo were to be your sister, aunt or some sort of relative, would you throw these kinds of comments her way? @okolimaureen @ckelzofficial ? Let Uche be! She was never a #Darego She has never been a slim person. Different strokes for different folks.

The way lady A’s body reacts to the process of child bearing is different from that of lady B. Life is too difficult as it is already why make it worse for the other person? To what gain? #LetUcheBe! Stop wasting ur time typing hateful comments #BeProductive go see #WivesOnStrike 1❤️”

Na wa ooh! Now that you got this explanations, are you now satisfied? Shame on you (like 10 times more)

I feel like before you body shame another person, you should show us your own pictures, all your family members’ pictures, and even if everyone is skinny, I will still send you back to mind your frigging business.

If someone calls another person a slut, then we all need to know what their vagina mileage reading is (if ever there was something like that). Hypocrites!

I am glad that not all women are that way. Whew!! To the beautiful souls who would NEVER put down other human beings, let alone another woman who is dealing with a lot of shi** in her life to take on body image issue from the world. Bless your darling heart.

To the rest, be nice or pack up and go Home!

End of Rant!

Edited from Radar Ng

Wives On Strike (4)
Uche Jombo is a Queen in her own rights. By societal standards, she has it all: husband, kid, rich, popular etc.
At the beginning of April, she had told her body shamers “Worry about important things like fuel”
but the body shamers continue…..trolling her.
Image from the web

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Ten 21st Century Wonders of the World that I shared with my late Grandpa

Image from the web
  1. Global warming is real (the ice caps are melting, Grandpa… at an alarming rate, they say). 
  2. Equality is the fight of the century (salaries, pro-life, racial, gender, sexual, tribal etc. It is bigger than the Pac and Floyd fight. If Uncle Paul were here today, he would not have to live his whole life in the closet *sad*). 
  3. Donald Trump is hated by all yet he is fast on his way to becoming the next American President (Yes, Grandpa. The 2016 US Presidential elections has become a joke to the rest of the world) 
  4. Oil price hits an all time low of $20 (and rose and fell, then fell then rose…then many people lost their jobs…and it keeps rising and falling…many job losses…and it keeps ri…). 
  5. Males (females) can now become females (males)….(Does that make sense to you Grandpa? Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox etc…). 
  6. Terrorism affects almost every country of the world (the world is fighting back and will win but it is truly sad, Grandpa. People are dying).
  7. Image from the web
  8. Airlines now charge for carry-on bags (even our purses are not safe…our clothes’ pockets too). 
  9. NASA plans a manned one-way trip to mars (good luck future Martians!). 
  10. The friend zone (hmm. Grandpa, you will never understand this term so let’s move on…). 
  11. Pastors now own private jets (I know Grandpa. In your days, they walked from village to village, right? Witches keep defying gravity and flying though. Who is the boss now?).
  12. Baby mamas and Baby daddys (like cockroaches, you find them everywhere). 
  13. Netflix and Chill (I do not know what this means and neither will you, Grandpa). 
  14. Robert Mugabe is still President of Zimbabwe (He is 92. “Not so long now and he joins us”, says Grandpa …..) 
  15. The Kardashians are the world’s first family (The world keeps denying this). 
  16. The Kardashians prove you can become a business Mogul from a sex tape being famous (Grandpa, even though you are dead, I cannot discuss anything sexual with you. So please, do not ask me to explain what “sex tape” means).
  17. Image from the web
    Grandpa thinks they look good. I think so too
  18. Bill Cosby is accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women (Is “several dozens” worse than one or two women?). 
  19. Robots Aliens Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat,Whatsapp) sneaked into the world and have taken over all Humans (I’m sorry. “My Space” did not make it). 
  20. Computers have become smaller (I swear…as small as my palm. It is amazing, Grandpa).
  21. Remains of a dead Dragon has been found (Yeah Grandpa. Those suckers are real…..)
  22. Hey! Hey you reading this! If you believe #19, you just became the 20th wonder of the 21st century.
Image from the web
I think I just gave my dead Grandpa a heart attack

I promised you 10 wonders and gave you 20. I am super awesome!…. Please, accept my grocery basket building (below) as a sign of my apologies for giving you 10 extra wonders in your life. You look like you might need them. (My Grandpa said your Grandpa sends his love to you as well)

Longaberger Home Office, Newark, Ohio | Image from the web
This picture does not make sense, right? I know.
Who designed it?? It made the list as a world wonder!

    APC (Aisha Buhari) Vs. PDP; Propaganda or Fact? Who is lying?

    Aisha M. Buhari
    Nigerian First Lady, Aisha M. Buhari
    Image from Aisha M. Buhari’s Twitter account

    The Nigerian political party, PDP (I am seriously thinking of denouncing them and sending them to Ghana because they all act like idiots over there) accused the Central Bank of Nigeria of assisting the Nigerian First lady in forex trading.

    CBN Spokesperson, Isaac Okoroafor while speaking with Vanguard said the claim is “not only ridiculous but laughable”. He went on to say this;

    “With every sense of responsibility, it is important to state that the Central Bank does not sell forex to individuals nor companies. You are aware that we sell forex to banks which in turn sell to their customers. For anyone to say that the CBN sells forex to individuals or some companies is, indeed, very ridiculous and mischievous”

    The original claim came from on Friday through the twitter handle, @pdpNigeria and alleged that Aisha Buhari and her unnamed company were involved in buying about $22 million from the CBN at the official rates to make profit at the black market.

    Personally, have this to say “Who cares”. I will repeat my original opinion from Twitter here;

    “PDP accusing APC (Aisha Buhari) on Forex fraud; A case of pot calling kettle Black..”

    “PDP, APC, XYZ, Tinubu etc should all shut up! They’ve all been squabbling for their own Selfish and Personal interests since before I was born. They are not bringing this to light because they love Nigerians. They are just mudslinging Buhari’s Administration or do I say the opposing party, APC 

    Aisha of course denied these claims and is threatening to bring fire and brimstone on anyone that repeats this accusation. Here is what she told the general public from her twitter handle;

    Aisha, we know that if people like you want to loot the country’s funds, forex trading is just one of the many avenues for that. We also know that every Nigerian that occupies any position of power leaves a thousand times richer than they originally were.

    It might not be forex, my dear but there are other ways. PDP is just fishing (Happy fishing PDP!).

    Image from the web
    Story edited from Here

    10 reasons we currently live in a World of Double Standards

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