Something that Needs to be Said: Your Opinion isn’t Another’s Reality

I have been following this incredible question, “what is something that needs to be said?” on Quora for a while now but have been lazy to put down my 2 cents.

Here is my answer below,

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Do We Weaken Our Society by Opposing Gender Equality?

Do we?

Do we ever question the effects of suppressing 1 gender in our society? Does it weaken or strengthen us? Do we shoot ourselves in the foot out of ignorance when we oppose gender equality?

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How Pastors Contribute to Nigeria’s Bad Economy

“Aren’t churches supposed to be nonprofits?”

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See this Nigerian Carpenter’s Incredible Crafts #MadeinNigeria

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What a True Christian Environment (Country) Looks Like

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Factors Contributing to Nigeria’s Decay, Mediocrity and Underdevelopment

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Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year from Onegeria

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Thank you for supporting the Onegeria dream. There will be more to come in 2017.¬† Read More…

MMM 1-Month Withdrawal Ban is Utterly Unprofessional, Inconsiderate and Illegal

Why am I writing about MMM today?
About 3 million  participants of the Nigerian MMM Ponzi scheme woke up to the crazy news that their MMM funds (when has this even become a thing) has been frozen without notice.

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