Gender Equality Also Fights for Male Rights

by Uche Onegeria 12 Jun , 2017  

Gender equality is almost always misunderstood.

It usually presents a negative connotation to most.


Anonymous comment, “Women abuse power so should not be given any (or a lot of) power”.

Definition (Source: Wikipedia)

Gender equality, also known as sexual equality, is the state of equal access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender. It is achieved through gender neutrality and gender equity.

PS: Before I discuss or try to give my 2 cents about an issue, I usually look into the topic. I also advise everyone to do same. So I am discussing gender equality for what it is, not what some men think it is, or what you claim some women have turned it to.

Gender equality symbol


Gender equality is often misinterpreted to mean, “female empowerment” ALONE. This is a lie. If you think I am wrong, go back and read that again. Ok, here – Let me help you; G-E-N-D-ER   E-Q-UA-L-I-TY.

The definition says…….regardless of gender. It is gender neutral.

It does not have any female or male connotation. It is just equality of all genders. If at this point, you still do not believe that men and women should have equal rights, then you need to stop reading. This post is not for you. In fact, this world is not for you. You need to go and inhabit the planet Mars alone.

Human rights

2 words; human rights. Do you believe in human rights as well? When you promote human rights, do you also mean some humans deserve less rights than others? Remember that each human genetic makeup (DNA) is different and unique. If you are against gender equality, this question is particularly for you.

Biological equality

There is nowhere in the definition of gender equality where it states that women are equal to men biologically. Anyone who claims men and women have the same biology is just crazy. What it just says is that you give everyone equal access to resources and opportunities and let the chips fall where they may. But we should not presume that a man or woman cannot be A or do Z just because of their gender and then proceed to knock them out of the race before they even begin.

Women abuse power

Ok, the there are those who say women abuse what and what? Whew! So what? What about the men who abuse(d) power and rights? Let’s name them: Vladimir Putin, Idi Amin, Yahya Jammeh (ousted Gambian Dictator), Hitler, Robert Mugabe – Oh this list is endless. So what has been done to these men? Nothing huh? I have not seen anyone who claim all men should be stripped of power because some of them abuse(d) power .

Source: Joeam

So why do some of us think women cannot also make mistakes or violate human rights? Or that when they do, they should be totally stripped of their rights? What is the origin of that logic? Some claim women are too weak to be given the same opportunity men have. Others claim women should only be given just a little bit of power so they do not abuse it. Meanwhile, men can do whatever they want, right? It is normal. Oh! I forgot, it is a man’s world.

Is it really a man’s world or it looks like it is because men made it so?

Gender equality fights for men and women equally. If you missed the true meaning, go back, slowly and clearly try to pronounce the words, “Gender equality” again.

I am a woman and I advocate for equality of both sexes.

If you are a man, and your rights have been stripped from you, I want to also speak for you.

I will speak for you the same way I will speak for a woman, no more, no less.

Gender equality in my own words means allowing both genders to reach whatever limits they can attain in life. Let us stop placing limitations on ourselves. Let us stop telling women and men what they can or cannot do or be. If women succeed to be their best, the world gains maybe by having a never before seen Neurosurgeon, Physicist, Engineer, Teacher, Architect, Carpenter, Soldier, Sniper etc. Same for the men.

Let us not place limitations on ourselves.

Let us not place limitations on others.

Life will place enough limitations on us without our needing to pile on additional burdens on ourselves.

Let every woman and man do what makes them happy, as long as they are not hurting anyone.

Gender equality is also NOT about who wins or loses. It is not about proving that 1 gender is better than the other. It ends when those opportunities are given. Everyone can excel or fail, depending on their natural-given capacity.

Source: iknowpolitics


  1. Mrs uche, I love your definition of gender equality, it clearly separated itself from women empowerment, but I must refuse with you that all African men, are against gender equality.
    at least Liberia has given a woman the opportunity to be their President, the previous administration of Nigeria gave women opportunities in the apex of Nigeria leadership and I must tell you that they did not fail, you sounded like me in our argument about Biafra, though I learned a lot in that argument.
    I just wish Nigeria and African will become civilized and embrace true democracy, who will even talk of dividing.

    • Thanks for your feedback Ugochukwu.

      I actually did not say that all African men are against gender equality. I think I might have said “some” men understand it to ONLY mean women empowerment. However, I believe that we need to explain these things to people better because many fight causes they do not understand.

      There is definitely progress round the board but as always, there is always room for improvement & I am sure with today’s progress, tomorrow becomes better 🙂

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