Why do African Men Hate the Subject, “Women Empowerment”?

by Uche Onegeria 9 Mar , 2017  

First and foremost, do you agree with me that every human being should be empowered? If your answer is “Yes” kindly continue reading. If “No”, maybe this article is not for you.

So now that we have scaled through that question, I have a second question for you, “Are women’s empowerment threatened in African society?” Yes/No? I guess you can answer whatever you wish and continue reading.

3rd question, “Are men responsible for women’s lack of power in the society?”

Let me say this – Since the beginning of time, we all know that women have been subjected to fates less than that of men like paying the terrible price of excruciating pain in the form of female genital mutilation, flattening of breasts, wearing of the hijab and burqa so as not to tempt men into raping them.

Emphasis: Women were made to do all these for the men. You see how men’s empowerment has everything to do with women. However, women empowerment has nothing to do with men.

One of my good friends on social media pointed out that all these terrible acts are in the past. It is true but I will tell you some forms of female emasculation that exists today:

  1. Abusing a woman for remaining unmarried at a certain adult age (Men are never blamed if they never get married).
  2. Cheating on a woman just because society encourages you to exercise your libido.
  3. Expecting a woman who just got back from her 9-5 job (at the same time her husband did) to always prepare food for the family. There have been stories of men who beat up their wives for not washing/cooking a few days after childbirth. I guess they think, “it’s your job. Cook and wash through sickness and health”
  4. Blaming the woman for having all female children or not having children at all (even though science proves that gender is determined by the men).
  5. Demanding that a woman humble herself (males will flaunt even if they have just $2.00) if she so happens to become richer than her male counterparts because men will be scared of marrying her. That means that she cannot buy a house, a good car etc. She has to play small to please men.
  6. Women who happen to attain successful positions are labelled evil witches/bossy when they try to give orders at work while their male counterparts are true leaders.
  7. Ladies who pursue certain goals are usually asked to sleep with men to achieve those goals. What do you do when the only obstacle in your way to getting what you want in life is only sleeping with some man? I know some might say, “Well, she does not have to…” but you have to remember that very few men have to deal with this sort of nonsense in their lives. Most men think most beautiful ladies are lucky and get whatever they want but if they truthfully tell you the price they paid for success, you might weep for them.
  8. You walk into your lecturer’s office and he will usually blackmail you with your grades. Ransom is sex.
  9. A daughter almost never inherits anything from her late father especially in Igbo land. Her brothers will inherit everything, start various businesses but she is just sent off to be married as if she does not need money too. It does not matter if she has the brain to turn her late father’s millions into billions. She usually gets nothing.

This is the sorry life of most African women. What most of us are asking the society for is a mindshift in our men (and even some women). We are not asking to become men and “wear trousers”. No! We love being women but we want to be allowed to express ourselves and be what we want without being blacklisted, called “the scarlet lady” or “feminists”.

If you are still confused, you should know that I’m for everyone’s empowerment. Empowering kids does not take anything away from the adults. It just means that your kids will grow up with a good head on their shoulders. Why can’t we do same for our women? Why do men fight this?

Being empowered is a positive thing. An empowered woman is so comfortable in who she is that she is not scared of loving the heck out of everyone and everything around her. She could help contribute to the African economy and progress too.

If you meet any woman who lacks empathy, has no respect and compassion please, do not associate her with “feminism”. She is not an empowered woman because empowered people do not abuse their power. They understand that it is a responsibility and they wield it well.

Thank you for reading. Please, share your thoughts by leaving your comments below and share if you like. I love to hear from you.

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