10 Powerful Reasons to School in Canada

by Uche Onegeria 20 Mar , 2017  

Here are my 10 most powerful reasons to school in Canada below;

1.  Canada is a country of immigrants. It is said that every Canadian is an immigrant which makes them quite welcoming.

2. Their educational institutions rank among the best in the world.

3. The educational institutions’ tuition fees are also comparatively low compared to the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. This is one of my 10 most powerful reasons to school in Canada.

4. With the Canadian dollar affected by the low crude oil price, you might want to get your FOREX money’s worth by choosing to live in Canada.

5. Canadians are known all over the world to be very nice (polite). You will never be alone.

6. Canada needs many skilled workers. Take advantage of that and upgrade your skill in one of their incredible institutions and you will be on your way to living in Canada permanently.

7. On graduation, you will be permitted to live and work in Canada for 1 – 3 years on a Post Graduate Work Permit. The Canadian government issues this permit confident that before its expiration, you would have started or completed the process towards becoming a Permanent Resident (equivalent of US Green Card). What better reason do you need to school in Canada than this; an easy transition to become a permanent resident!

8. Since I am writing for Nigerians, of course, we all know that Canada is a more functional society with a government that cares about the welfare of her citizens….(incoming shade) unlike Nigeria.

9. 99% of all immigrants who choose to get Canadian education remain in Canada as Permanent Residents (not aliens or undocumented/illegal immigrants) but PERMANENT Residents.

10. Being in Canada or any country in the functioning overseas community will open your mind if you are willing to learn and unlearn, grow and nurture yourself so you can be in a society that actually cares about human lives; irrespective of race and gender. You will never be nor think the same. Who knows, your mind might be opened so you become the next Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce or Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos etc.

All the best guys and God bless us all :).


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