If Africa with 3,000 Tribes Has 54 Countries, why Divide Nigeria Based on Tribe?

by Uche Onegeria 1 Feb , 2017  

Africa has 3,000 tribes and 54 countries…

I came across this bit of information and it got me thinking about the Nigerian situation and those who claim that because we have 3 tribes, Nigeria should be divided accordingly. Do you know how many countries the African continent with its 3,000 tribes has? 54 individual countries! Why does the continent not have 3,000 countries?

I will leave you to answer this question.

Most proponents of a divided Nigeria have never visited other nations to know how they have been able to coexist with each other. Even if you claim they live overseas, not everyone who lives overseas is smart. Idiots travel too. There are many Nigerians who travel overseas and remain the same. They want to use every shortcut available, have their way all the time, blame the system for racism (or discriminating against them) when they are the ones who are dumb, never upgrade their way of thinking, never accept criticisms or advice, refuse to follow the rules, befriend ignorant people rather than the wise ones because it’s just easier to be an idiot… Are they the ones you have been listening to?

Look at the United States that has a Visa lottery program and accepts not just people from different tribes but countries, races and entirely diverse languages, cultures and DNA as American citizens. What can we learn from them about acceptance and inclusiveness?


Just my humble thoughts. What is your reason for dividing Nigeria into 2-3 (or whatever number of) countries??

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  1. The problem of Nigeria is not the 3 tribe but they is no peace among them..

    Othere countries in Africa may have more that 3 tribes but they in peace. Country like South Africa. The problem in Nigeria is no pace.

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