10 Ways We Perpetuate the “Chronic Cheating Male Dominated” Culture in Nigeria

by Uche Onegeria 8 Feb , 2017  

No matter how much we try with the cheap excuses, cheating in your relationship is an extremely dirty behaviour. However, in our society, we have managed to normalize it and demand that women accept it and look the other way when it is happening to them.
Why is it only women that should look the other way when cheated on? Why should they look the other way really? Are women not humans? No, they are pieces of wood who have no feelings, no ego, no self-love and no self-respect.
Feelings, ego, self-love and self-respect are only male emotions not female’s because women are dead! Right?
Here are the various excuses people come up with to justify or feed the chronic-cheating male dominated culture in Nigeria:
Advice #1
“Men will always be men. Just pray he uses protection so if he contacts any STD, you will at least be safe” (Men will always be men and what are women again? We cannot be women. I see how prayers replace our common sense).

Advice #2
“At least he does not beat you” (Sheesh! Thank you. Such a relief…*Ticking Time Bomb*..).

Mike Siegel / Seattle Times
Advice #3
“Just pray that he will have only 1 girlfriend” (Ok! My marriage vows accommodates 1 girlfriend. I didn’t know!).
Advice #4
“Just pray that he will have more than 1 girlfriend so he does not have any special girlfriend” (Ok! No one told me that my marriage vows would also accommodate more than 1 girlfriend. This is News to me!).

A Dance In The Harem – JG Delincourt

Advice #5
“As long as he still takes care of you and your children, please stay. Make them your priority. Also make sure you get as much money as you can out of him” (Yes! Women get married for children and………….money ONLY)
Advice #6 (from the mother)
“Your father cheated on me and I stayed till today. It’s a man’s thing. You cannot change them” (Geez mum – & look how happy you are! Do you think I’m exactly like you? Let’s just repeat this beautiful history. I look forward to telling my daughter same).
Advice #7
“Do you want to ruin your reputation? If you leave him, who will marry you?” (Yes! Life is ONLY about being married and remaining married. Plus it’s always my reputation getting ruined. His remains intact when he cheats & mine is a mess if I leave him?).
Advice #8
“Maybe you should try harder in the bedroom. Give him what he might be looking for outside” (He has a mouth! I can’t read minds. He should have told me what he wanted!).
Advice #9
“Well, you cannot expect a man to be satisfied with eating just one kind of soup” (Oh! Women are expected to love 1 kind of soup. Yes! I eat my Egusi ~ morning, afternoon & night, 27/7 & I can’t get enough of it. But he’s the only one allowed to have varieties? This is some sick bullshit).
Advice #10
“Just manage it – As long as he does not fall in love or get any woman pregnant” (Ok Thanks – “Hail Mary! Full of Grace……The Lor* **…………..” ……. Fuck it! I’m outta here!).
Fact is Cheating is an attribute of the WEAK!! Don’t let a weak man (or woman) redefine your relationship ideals for you

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