10 Reasons NOT to be in Any Country Without Proper Immigration Documents (Papers)

by Uche Onegeria 19 Feb , 2017  

Before you assume the only way to migrate to a country is by marrying a citizen of that country or doing some other underhanded things, I’m here to tell you that is a FAT lie! Whatever that is worth doing is worth doing very well so carry out a research and know how to go about this issue so you can do it well and legally.
Do you know why? It is because everything in most foreign countries actually depends on the kind of immigration documentation you have. If you put yourself into the tight spot of being an illegal immigrant, here are several issues you will face:
1. You will ALWAYS be at the wrong side of the law

2. You will be unemployable
You might not be able to be employed by any legitimate employer because you need to present a valid work permit in the country to be legally employed.

3. You risk being taken advantage of
You will be underpaid, undervalued and there is the risk of being sucked into drug trafficking and for women, prostitution (or human trafficking).

4. You will always look over your shoulders

5. You will truly become desperate
This might cause you to accept help from criminals who will take advantage of your situation to get you the right immigration documents.

6. You will become a chronic liar as you will lie to everyone and run the risk of developing a dissociated personality. It becomes a lot of hard work for you to maintain your “stories”. This is a huge weight for any human to manage. You might break down.

7. You waste your time and life away
You will hide more than you actually live. This might be a complete waste of your time as you will put your life on hold while you run around in hiding, chasing your own tail.

8. You might be forced into deceiving people you meet
…. like lying to women who are already permanent residents or citizens into loving and marrying you. You might also be forced to lie to your wife, who you just married back in your home country but promised them that you will be bringing them with you to your foreign country soon.

9. Your life will be restricted
There are many things you cannot do, many places you cannot go. You might not be able to use a credit card, bank account, work legally or do anything that might risk being traced back to you by the immigration office (and deported).

10.  You will be usually defensive, depressed and paranoid most of the time.

My advice; Don’t do it please. You give the rest of us bad names and if you’re caught, you face deportation!

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