What a True Christian Environment (Country) Looks Like

by Uche Onegeria 16 Jan , 2017  

Who is a true Christian? (I should have said “Christian” not “True Christian” because you are either a Christian or you are not. Thus, there is nothing like a true Christian as that would be tautology. A Christian is a follower of Christ but many claim they are Christians even though they would follow anything but Christ himself. That is why I have to make a clear distinction..)

A Christian is a person who follows or adheres to Christianity, which is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. For a true Christian, Jesus Christ serves as the focal point of their lives. (Wikipedia)

I have addressed the subject of “Religion versus Christianity” in Nigeria and reiterated that many Nigerians have a blind allegiance to Religion but not God. Does the Nigerian environment depict what a true Christian society looks like?

Association of Religion Data Archives reports 46.5% of the total Nigerian population as Christians, 45.5% Muslims while 7.7% belong to other religions.

The Pew Research survey further found that 74% of all Nigerian Christians were Protestant, 25% were Catholic, and 1% belonged to other Christian denominations. (Source: Wikipedia)

If these 46.5% christians behaved like Christ, will the Nigerian society look the way it currently does?

Are these Nigerian “Christians” truly Christians…?… because a true Christian society looks like what I have outlined below;

1.  Decreased rate of sexual sins.

2.  Our Judges will have fewer cases to settle as many people will actually obey the law.

3.  Hotels have declining number of adulterous and fornicating patrons.

4.  Many bars would close down due to lack of patrons.

5.  Husbands who kiss their wives goodnight instead of being out in the clubs till 4 am with other women.

6.  Robbery, kidnap and corruption rate falls.

7.   Leaders who actually do what they are elected to do (and even give more from their pockets).

8.  Parents who do not have to worry their daughters  might be defiled by close relatives, neighbours or/and other members of the society.

9.   Citizens who are truly their brothers’ keepers and citizens who do not spend every conscious, waking moment watching and protecting their own backs.

10. Men of God (Pastors) who are actually accountable to their people and who still operate within the laws of the bible instead of manipulating it for their own.

I guess in summary, I’d say that a true christian environment consists of citizens who actually live the bible messages their receive from their respective churches and whose personal motto will always be “Love”.

Now, please tell me if Nigeria is a true Christian society/environment…………………..


Header image source wifamilycouncil.org

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