Factors Contributing to Nigeria’s Decay, Mediocrity and Underdevelopment

by Uche Onegeria 2 Jan , 2017  

1. Corruption from the Government which has persisted from 1960 (if not prior) till date. These individuals are like you and I but they have chosen to utilize public funds and resources needed to develop the country for their own private needs.

2. Uncontrolled “Men of God” called Pastors who advocate more for money in their pockets not love in their congregation or even trying to call out our political leaders to do better. These men operate one of the biggest scams Africa has ever seen as they claim to be called by God and instead pursuing formal careers, they hide under the umbrella of the church to build the biggest business enterprise using tithes (funds) from their congregation. The downside to this is that these funds which is usually used to stimulate the economy in the developed worlds is now tied under one man’s private bank account, leaving the society derelict, the people in penury and the man of God living in the lap of luxury.

3. Blind Allegiance to Religion which sees many Nigerians praying for miracles instead of praying and working hard to produce results.

4. Extreme discipline from family upbringing which churn out “walking zombies” as youths who have been repressed so much that they do not understand their place in this world and never seem to remember that they have a brain which can make them creative, productive and also independent. The result is that most people in the Nigerian society do not have the capacity of free will and they jump on the bandwagon, citing what is usually acceptable, what everyone around them thinks and knows, what their parents before them did and forever living in the comfort zone. Redundancy!!

5. Corruption and lack of empathy from everyone. It has become the ugly battle of every man for himself.

6. Societal Pressure which makes us discard ourselves in blind obedience to societal demands to see us get “:rich or die trying”, marry for all the wrong reasons, have kids when we can barely feed ourselves etc..

7. Holding on to outdated cultures...The rest of the world has moved way beyond us and are well into the 21st century; thinking of sending humans to Mars and we are still mocking single women and threatening them to get married because menopause is knocking on their doors, or raising the girl child to think that she is only good for marriage and nothing else (when the girl children in other societies like Brittany Wenger (below) contribute to her society’s progress with profound contribution in breast cancer research).

8. Setting up the Girl Child for only Marriage (like I ended in #7)  is one of the losses Nigeria faces today. We need all hands on deck. Your average Nigerian girl does not only belong in the kitchen. She can get married, raise kids, and also discover the giant within her. Who knows, she might discover a more effective option for our electric power supply or are men the only ones equipped with the brains to save us all?

Read about Nigerian Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna who broke international academic records from here.

9. Love of our Ignorance which is a result of many egocentric and discriminatory (tribal, gender) individuals. Many Nigerians would rather believe that the earth is flat than believe the truth, especially when the truth is contrary to what makes them comfortable.

Like Obama said during his farewell address;

“Increasingly, we become so secure in our bubbles that we accept only information …that fits our opinions”

10. Many of the factors above also cause lack of objectivity, open mind and respecting anyone with widely different opinions or views of the norm. The result of this is that anyone whose opinion varies greatly from the existing ones become outcasts because they will be constantly bullied, verbally abused and vilified. This is why Nigeria not only remains stagnant but keep regressing back to the stone age.

Thanks for reading. Please tell me what you think.

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