Who Knows this Guy? Pls, Share this Video Let’s Find Him. Why Can’t We Support Someone Like Him to Lead us?

by Uche Onegeria 3 Dec , 2016  

He breathes raw passion for Nigeria, our people and our plight. He has a good head on his shoulders. Yes! He is not Atiku, IBB, Buhari, Obasanjo or anyone we know. But what have these people and their selected candidates done for us? They further worsen our misery.
He might be Yoruba, I am Igbo and I am fine with that. You should be too if you TRULY want to see Nigeria transformed to a great nation. Please…Biko…Ejo…(***** insert hausa term for “please” here), until we learn to see raw talent, passion, integrity, beauty instead of our differences, we will never rebuild this country. Let us think of bringing someone like this to lead us irrespective of tribe please.
Now, I hear that some Nigerians take their own lives. Just 2 years back, I was arguing with my colleague that suicide is not a Nigerian thing. How did we get here?
These people we elect will never let their children go to the same schools/hospitals/molue buses/BRT/danfo/keke etc we go to. Their children will never know what it feels like to go for NYSC in some strange city and maybe die from negligence, be raped, robbed, beaten and exploited. Do you fix a car you will never drive? So why will they fix a country they do not use? 
Watch video below to see how passionate he is about Nigeria
Until we get someone like this (in the image above) to lead us, Nigeria will never get better. Mark my words! Please share so our youths can rise up to lead us. Even if we do not get this guy on this page to lead us, let us get someone who shares his ideology and raw passion about making Nigeria great again!
Let’s stop abominations like this (below) from being conceived to deceive us. Let us also do away with the tragedy that comes with their serial abuse of power in the form of recycling candidates from their cliques in an absurdly selective (rather that elective) process!

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