Pictures: The Africa the World Knows Versus the Africa You & I Know!

by Uche Onegeria 5 Dec , 2016  

You know, I was just thinking to myself a few minutes ago (maybe I should not be thinking at all when I just woke up) and wondering why the world adamantly refuses to move on from the idea of Africa is a place where:

People live in trees.People are hungry.People have never seen Television or Computer sets before.Women belong in the kitchen (our men heavily perpetuate this idea though) etc.I would blame the media but I think most people owe it to themselves to get up from their padded couches to seek exposure and self-awareness…. or searched for what the real African is like via their computer screens instead of keeping their eyes trained on just one part of the world (while making wild and unproven assumptions about Africa).

Here are images depicting the Africa the world knows versus the one I know:

Not every part of Africa (continent) or Nigeria (country) is affected by Boko Haram.
Boko Haram originated the Northern part of Nigeria. The same way 1 incident of bombing happened in Boston & the world recognizes that it happened in Boston NOT in all parts of North America (a continent like Africa) is the same way Boko Haram has targeted a few Northern states in Nigeria.


We make a living, closing deals across tables, not hunting games

Yeah – Our men wear modern suits

African woman can have a family and a career as well – just like most in other parts of the world

We do not just come in 1 colour; pitch black. We can also be fair in complexion

Forget what Red Cross, United Nations & other agencies show you, not all countries in Africa are littered with dying children

Most African countries have moved beyond mud houses

We have international-standard institutions & most of our children are educated

We have educated women who work in the corporate world

Our markets are not always open and public

Not all African people run around naked

Our foods are actually tasty…very tasty

We have native attires but they are usually not made from bamboo, leaves and animal skin

We have electronic gadgets and movie theaters

Yeah – those 1700 native wears, huh? You will not let us forget!

We can wear the native wears…..stylishly

Exotic cars? We have them!

Haha! I will probably cry myself hoarse on this mission as most are deaf but my task is cut out for me: to put Nigeria on the map!

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