Nig. Man Recounts His Ordeal When Robbers Attacked His Home

by Uche Onegeria 6 Dec , 2016  

A Facebook user recounted his ordeal (below) when robbers invaded his home today, Sunday 4th December 2016

At about 2.35am this morning, robbers invaded my house, carting away ALL our electronic gadgets (Samsung Plasma TV, Home theatre and the speakers, DVD, etc), my laptop and that of my son, Chukwuebuka, as well as my wife’s and my Princes’ phone.

What hurts me most in all of these is that of my son’s laptop as all his life drawings as an Architect and other softwares were in that laptop.

To the glory of God, nobody was hurt or molested, we thank God and also thank Him in a very …special way that it happened when we had returned from the village after my father’s burial.

Had they come when it was only my Princess and her younger ones were alone in the house, God knows what the story could have been.

What baffles me is how they gained entrance into the house. To start with, they are security wires round the house, the gate locked but we came out at that unholy hour to find the gate wide open. Then, they removed the slide window in our sitting room, brought down the burglary proof and gained entrance.

In all these, with the possible attendant noise, nobody woke up. In all situations, we give God thanks and praise. Join me in glorifying His name… Thank you Jesus!

What is sad about this incident is that in no way did he think of calling for any external help like the police, because we do not have any who will answer such distress call. We basically need to protect ourselves even though money is wasted spent regularly on elections to give us leaders who are supposed to serve and protect us but they rather loot and desert us instead.
“………..No one was hurt or molested”
Did you see how he was worried about his daughters? He thanks God that no one was molested because we know what usually happens to females who are present when these attacks happen.
The way I see it, we are just playing a game of chance. We all are just sitting ducks, waiting and hoping that we will not be the targets of heinous acts like this.
We all pray to God to help us but God can only do so much. He has already blessed us with abundant natural resources which we can use to take care of ourselves and have the best kind of living there is. However, a few people take these resources for themselves and leave nothing for the rest.
No wonder it seems God is silent when we continue to ask for his help because he has already helped us by giving us everything we need. We only need to help ourselves.
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