Do You Wish to Study in Canada? Here is Information You Need

by Uche Onegeria 1 Dec , 2016  

This post is for anyone who wishes to study in the Alberta Province (State) in Canada

“Alberta provides a warm welcome to students from around the world. You can choose from a variety of universities, colleges and technical schools. Learn about study permits and other aspects of coming to Alberta as an international student”

Who can study in Alberta?
If you wish to study in Alberta for more than six months at a designated learning institution, you will need a Canadian study permit. See if you qualify for a Canadian study permit below.

How to apply for a study permit
Step 1: Find an institution and apply for a program or course

Step 2: See if you need your education credentials assessed

Step 3: Apply for a study permit

Can you work while studying?
While studying in Canada, you may be able to work to help pay for living expenses or gain valuable experience. Depending on the nature and location of your work, you might need a student work permit.

Can your spouse work in Canada?

Many international students bring their families. Your spouse or common-law partner might be eligible for a work permit for the same period of time as your study permit.

Work in Canada after graduation
After graduation, you might qualify for a post-grad work permit that will allow you to stay and work in Canada for the length of your course or program—to a maximum of three years.

See if you qualify for a post-graduation work permit

Apply for a post-graduation work permit

Can I move to Canada Permanently from my country e.g. Nigeria?
Yes. You can use your current work experience to move permanently to Canada. One year of skilled work experience helps you qualify for permanent residence under Express Entry.

Source: Canada Immigration Website

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