Dear Google, the Africa you Show the World IS NOT MY Own Africa (Nigeria)

by Uche Onegeria 8 Dec , 2016  

Just today, I realized that Google is NOT always right!!

It is no wonder that black kids in the United States are bullied and taunted for “growing up in trees”. All their white peers need to do is go search “African People” on Google and they will see images that Nigerians will admit we would only find in the dusty sections of our library archives today.

Google search result for African People

When someone searches for “African People” on Google , they do not see someone like you or me, and today, we know why. I am not saying that these are not African people but the search result is not a great representation of all Africans. It looks to me like the search only brought up people from native and barely-developed African countries and cultures, and also countries suffering from extreme conditions like poverty.

It seems that just like America has advanced way beyond what they looked like in the 1900s, Africa is yet to advance past the 1900s in the eyes or non-Africans. Why is this so?

Google shows six search categories for my search for “African People”

So according to Google (see image categories below)African People are extremely poor, hungry, dancers, half-naked and culturally-saturated. 

1. Culture

2. Poor

3. Tribe

4. Dancing

5. Culture Tribes

6. Starving

My dear Nigerians, Ghanaians, South Africans etc., does any of the above define you? If I have to be sincere, maybe this Google search makes up about 5% (debatable) of Africa but where are all our numerous achievements?

We get so mad at foreigners who misunderstand us but the truth is that if they never travel to Africa, how will they know better. Most of what we know about the American system is from Hollywood productions which we consume ravenously.

Who will tell the rest of the world about the real Africa?
 Meanwhile, see what my Google search for American People produced

(and of course, even without knowing, they have divided Americans into White or Black)
and we wonder where racism comes from. If I am being introduced to American people just like this, I would already buy into the black/white bias/stereotype without meeting any American or visiting America!
If Google were to review their search results for African People, I would love our own Africa (yours and mine; country of Nigeria) to be represented as shown in the categories below


Culture and People


Linda Ikeji on the list is said to be a “multimillionaire with monthly revenues in the range of $35,000-$50,000”



Politics and Funds Mismanagement


I will keep pushing the envelope forward with the hopes that Africa will be properly represented globally and the current perception from people in other parts of the world about Africa as a primitive place will be “corrected”.

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