Scientists Illustrate what Happens to Your Body After Death (Clue: It’s NOT Pretty)

by Uche Onegeria 21 Nov , 2016  

“Oh death where is thy sting?”
~ William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, II:5
(Header image source:
Who wants to think about what might or might not happen to their own bodies after they die? Not me! I have seen enough zombies on The Walking Dead show haunt me for 3 lifetimes to come. But in case some curious cats out there crave the case of the weird, then please by all means, knock yourself out!
“Without preservation techniques like embalming or mummification, your body slowly begins to decay the second your heart stops beating.

It starts small, down at the cellular level. Your cells die, then bacteria, animals, and even the body itself digests your organs and tissues”

The unpretty picture of the entire after-death process is illustrated below:

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