Is the Average Nigerian Man an Unapologetic Chronic Cheat in his Relationships?

by Uche Onegeria 30 Nov , 2016  

I read the story below posted online by an aggrieved wife whose husband foisted his desperate “friend” (aka mistress) on her to live in their own household.
Of course, the husband replied to the accusation and his own story is posted below as well.
Wife wrote:
Please hide my identity. I met my husband 20 years ago and we got married 7 years ago. I was 9 years old when We met and we have been best friends since then. We loved each other deeply. We have just one kid and she’s 8 years old. I was worried about not being able to have another baby but it didn’t bother my husband at all because he loves our daughter a lot.
July this year, he brought his friend and a lady to the house and his friend begged me to accommodate the lady. That she is pregnant for the friend and he doesn’t have his own apartment yet. This friend is a really close friend to the family so I had to allow the lady live with us. Her name is Antonia.
Tonia and I became close. I follow her to her prenatal classes, I take her shopping, I have three boutiques on the island, I put her in charge of one when she complained of being idle at home. After some time she started acting up. I told my husband, he said he would talk to her. She became very rude to me Until this morning, she told me that everything was a lie. That she’s pregnant for my husband.
My husband could not say a word. I almost died. Even his mom knew about it. I have two other houses on the mainland so I just packed a few things and left with my daughter. I’m on my bed now I can’t sleep.
I want to go back there and say I left somethings and plant a time bomb in the house. But I don’t want to kill the innocent baby. What do I do please? How can my husband do this to me? I’ve known him all my life. I have never even kissed another man in my entire life. My husband hasn’t called me since I left. What do I do? Please I need urgent advice.
Husband Replied:
My wife is a serious drama queen. hello evryone, from the moment she left the house i knew she would post the story here. you wont believe that my wife sent her story to 2 different relationship channels like this. my wife is addicted to this page. yes antonia is carring my baby but what would u have me do? 7 years of marriage and you gave me only one child. a female child for that matter. even if i didnt complain, shouldnt common sense tell you that one child is not enough?
 but all you do is from one conference meeting to another. from dubai to london. you and your daughter will go on expensive vacations to disney world and what have you? yes i never complain but dont you have common sense? i have been dating antonia for 7 years now and she has had 3 abortions for me. my people if u were me, what would u do? i cant continue killing my children when my wife only has one child for me . a female for that matter. listen stephanie, antonia was the owner of the catering service at our wedding so dont think she really needs your boutique.

i know u are from a rich home and thats why youre soo dramatic. i wonder why i havent even heard from your parents .the family doctor said our first child was a miracle and we have to wait for another miracle to have another baby. is that what i will be waiting for? i only lied because tunde came up with that idea.

if not i would have told you the truth straight up. no time iyawo. come back home cause nobody is chasing you away. yes you built the house for me because i know u will come here and say that. sha come back. i cant call you and i have been trying our daughters line, its switched off. please come back because now that ive told u the truth, i can sleep well at night Thanks,Adekunle.
Cc @break_or_makeup I love this platform 🙏🙏..

Source: break_or_makeup

 Good lawd! What some women have to put up with sha…. Can we start advocating for the Nigerian society to raise better men who will not suffer women? Some of these men would make a good woman run mad and choose to become mean instead.


  1. I guess the man was afraid to hurt his wife but he eventually did. Since Athonia has a catering business and she was doing well. There's no need bringing her to his house. Even when him and Anthonia had decided to keep the child, he could as well communicated this to his wife before she heard it from Anthonia.

  2. Exactly. I love transparency in relationships. Eziokwu bu ndu. We go to church but learn nothing and apply very few Godly principles in our own lives. Thanks for reading Ugotrice:). Your feedback is appreciated

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