If Kim Kardashian Judged you (Like you Judge her), Here’s what She Would Say

by Uche Onegeria 23 Nov , 2016  

Kim: So you have judged my life and my family even when you know nothing about me? Oh! Wait – Yes! The sex tape! That is all you know about me. Like you have no secrets in your life that if revealed, would haunt you. Even in the next 100 years you will never forget the tape but you call yourself a Christian. Forgive and forget, huh?
Yes, you might need to think hard to remember some of your own ugly deeds which you have conveniently buried in the deepest reaches of your soul and which has not been leaked (yet) because you do not have a manipulative ex-boyfriend (like Ray J. to release your sex tape/s or other secrets) or the media (the paparazzis) to follow you around even when you do not want them around.
But if turned the tables around and I judged you as harshly as you judge me, I might tell you that:
1. I’m worth $149 million (Source: www.moneynation.com). What are you worth?
kimkardashian on Instagram

2. I have a body envied by the whole world, both when dressed and when nude. Let me see yours!

kimkardashian on Instagram

3. I have a face that is literally worshipped by the whole world. Show me yours!
kimkardashian on Instagram

4. Even with a sex tape out there for all the world to see, I still bagged one of the most eligible and successful bachelors around. If you accuse me of releasing my sex tape (which I didn’t as it is a stupid thing for anyone to do) and getting famous for it, please release yours, let’s see if you will get famous and rich too.

5. I get paid a lot of money (a whole lot) for every social media post. The shame is on you. Remember every minute I spend on the internet is paid for. You can type hateful comments on stories about me, but you only waste your time.
Image result for tongue out emoji

6. I have siblings, family and friends who love me to death and support me unconditionally. We support each other no matter what. We almost never judge each other. What is your relationship with your own family like? Maybe if you left me alone, and focused on building it, you might have a great family as well.
kimkardashian on Instagram

7. Show me your celebrity friends (if you’re into that sort of thing) and I will show you mine

Image result for kim kardashian beyonce p diddy
Swizz Beatz Instagram

8. You accuse me of not raising my children properly? Well, I can tell you it is none of your business but you are addicted to attacking me so what else can I say except that North is my best friend in more ways than you and your mother is not and might probably never be.

Pictures mixed from kimkardashian on Instagram

9. Maybe you need to lose some weight or grow some real womanly curves!

kimkardashian on Instagram

10. Designers and celebrities court me! Good luck shopping in Forever 21 or Old Navy 🙂

Kim with Emperor Valentino (L) and Naomi Campbell (R)

11. If you say my body is fake, go buy yours! Warning – People have tried and failed woefully. Doctors can try but God does not make mistakes!

Yeah – Doctors have indeed tried (See Jordan’s picture below)!

12. It’s not my fault! The media cannot get enough of me. Does it make you jealous that they fail to notice your presence?
Image result for kim kardashian fans
It does not really matter how mean you are to me. Some people actually do care about me because it is the normal, human and beautiful feeling to do.

I think I was actually very nice. I did not call you fat, ugly or disgusting. I chose facts over some sick dirty opinion. Anyway people, love me or hate me, it is in my favour. I will always “cash” in. So you see, it is actually in your own favour to love me (for your own health and peace of mind). Remember that love makes the world go round. I LOVE you!
kimkardashian on Instagram

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