10 Unspoken but very Important Reasons For Marriage Most Couples are Unaware of

by Uche Onegeria 7 Nov , 2016  

Both husband and wives have their strengths and weaknesses. Rather than tear one another down, learn to work with them to build each other up!
It is interesting that we go to school to be equipped for jobs we hold for 5 – 15 yrs (ok, maybe 20 yrs) but there is no formal education for marriage, which is for the rest of our lives. That just leaves us picking up lessons from any available source, which is not always the best.
Apart from the obvious reasons why we get married, which includes; having children, regular lovemaking and having a life companion, there are other reasons which many are ignorant of but are vital to our marriages as well.

1. To be stronger…together (not individually).
2. To be wiser (especially when you marry a wiser person and you are willing to learn).

3. To create a formidable support team and partnership with each other (You’ll essentially be their ROCK and have each other’s backs). Most people would rather entrust their lives to strangers outside their matrimonial homes rather than who they live with, sleep with, cooks for them or/and provides their financial needs. How stupid wise is that?

4. To create an atmosphere rich with love and peace of mind, especially away from the chaotic world out there (Most partners run away from their matrimonial homes because they are either the monsters causing their matrimonial harm, or because they are running away from monsters or because they have created imaginary monsters in their heads). 

5. To expand their capacity to love (not shrink it).

6. To try and complete (or complement) them.

7. To raise a generation of children, better than we are by leading by example (not by “do as I say, not as I do”) so as to have a better society.

8. To help encourage, empower and build them up in this life by working with their weaknesses (not attacking it) and leaning on their strengths. It can be therapeutical to have a partner who can open up him/herself to you and have you work with them towards an improved and better version/s of themselves.

Source: 2008 (Eric Miller/Reuters)

9. To combine your networks (friends, enemies and families) and resources with theirs, to further enrich your worlds.10. To understand yourself better (Living with someone will bring out various personalities in you that you never imagined that you had). It is not always a bad thing. It could be a learning curve for you to either embrace the “good” and adjust yourself to fix the “bad”.

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