When NOT to Apply for a Visa

by Uche Onegeria 31 Oct , 2016  

Many of us wish to apply for visa but the immigration reality is that not all of us qualify to submit our applications. I put this together to help those of us with weak cases to save their time and resulting disappointment by showing them a glimpse of what might not work for visa applications.
My intent is not to kill your hopes as you will also learn what you need to increase your chances for a successful visa application.

Do not apply for visa if you:

  1.  intend to commit any crime or illegal activity overseas (please, don’t embarrass Nigeria, your family and friends, biko).
  2.  do not have enough funds and have no way to fix that (N10,000.00 account balance will not help you).
  3.  have no family ties in your home country or/and overseas.
  4.  intend to lie all through, on your Visa application forms (Pinocchio!!).
  5.  intend using falsified document/s for your application.
  6.  have no clue why you need a visa in the 1st place.
  7.  have no job, you are not in school or simply do not have anything doing in Nigeria (and you are also young).
  8.  do not have the skills to cope and have no dependant to help you when you travel (it can be a very different environment and culture from Nigeria).
  9.  intend to flee in your destination country so as never to return back to Nigeria.
  10.  have no inclination to follow the law (Yes! You cannot do what you wish! Most countries overseas actually have laws that if broken, is punishable by either fine or jail term).

Another reality is that you might have all these checked but still be denied visa because you messed up your interview or be rejected for no reason at all (in which case, you can reapply again).

For great tips on how to successfully apply for a visa, what you need for successful visa application etc., please, visit this link for great advice. Remember that whatever is worth doing is worth doing very well.

All the best. Thank you very much for reading.


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    Thanks & Regards,
    Working Visa Australia

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