How Nigeria would be with a TRUE 21st Century President

by Uche Onegeria 11 Oct , 2016  

Nigerians have waited for a saviour to deliver us all from the hardship which past corrupt leaders have wrought on our dear country. We hope this saviour will give us a better life but current situation indicates that saviour might not be with us yet.

I do not know what makes me angrier; this bleak reality or the fact that some Nigerians fight over:
– Tribes (Silly children! Who im tribe don epp?),
– Political parties (that only feed you during elections and starve you when you elect them),
– President Buhari versus President Goodluck Jonathan (can’t we all just condemn both and demand for a more competent President?. Must you choose one? Stop being silly!
If you see a leader with agenda below, call him your Saviour:
1. Ditch the teleprompters, Special Advisers and spokespersons to address Nigerians directly.
I do not know which Nigerian President in history that ever said anything (even “Good morning”) without reading off a screen. When can we have a president that would address Nigerians directly and regularly not just for the sake of copying the developed worlds but for the sake of speaking from their own hearts?

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau taking a selfie with Canadians

2. Lean towards having a cabinet with more non-politicians and youths.
Nigeria has old leaders in a new world or dumb leaders in a smart and strategically-effective world. We will continue to fail as a country until we switch things up, preferably by building leadership teams with Nigerians of all ages (especially youths) to prepare them to fill these shoes.

3. Understand that Nigeria has not worked primarily because we lack Power and tackle that with a radically dynamic and competent team. Power is the bane of growth for almost any inventions.

Image result for power in nigeria

4. Improve our infrastructure: hospitals, schools, roads, airports, offices, markets etc. Let me explain it this way; Most countries are abreast with modern developments as Apple is with its iPhone 7 stage but Nigeria is still stuck in Nokia 3310 stage. That is the best way I can describe our infrastructural system.

5. Understand that Nigeria is ONE Country. Irrespective of the President’s tribe, he/she should remain unbiased and elect his cabinet members ONLY because they are qualified NOT because they share the same tribe.

6. Understand that a System works ONLY with proper laws governing everyone; big or small, powerful or powerless, rich or poor. This will be achieved by:

– Thoroughly revamping the Nigerian Justice System from beginning to end.
– Restructuring the various security levels: Police, Army etc. with qualified and properly trained individuals.
– Persecute every criminal (politicians too) irrespective of status without mercy.
– Ensure the Nigerian history and constitution are taught in various academic levels so everyone knows their rights, and understands the boundaries of the law (I know I was not taught this).


7. Understand that the Youths are Leaders of Tomorrow and invest a lot of funds:

– for the first to second year in refurbishing the educational systems – both structures and teachers.
– for the next years, continual upgrade and maintenance of existing school systems, and adding new ones as needed.

8. Have political positions from all tribes to have proper representation of all Nigerians and their interests.

9. Focus on the People and NOT the usual Political Power scuffle we have observed since 1960.

10. Put a ban on Politicians’ overseas trips for their medical treatment and family members’ education. Maybe this will actually make them develop Nigeria with high quality education, healthcare and tourism.
Aisha Buhari, Nigerian First Lady with her children, Yusuf and Zahrah and sisters
Source: Vanguard
When a true Nigerian Messiah comes; the one you are supposed to defend, you will know! You will not need a microscope to find “Change”. It will be there staring you in the face. In fact, you will not have to celebrate our leaders for commissioning a miserable borehole for your suffering community or commissioning structures that you find in American slums as your hospitals. Nigeria will gradually start looking like Dubai or Canada.
Image result for progress
What will happen is that you will increase your standard of needs or expectations. Fighting for tomatoes and kerosene will be upgraded to fighting over Road A with 6 highway lanes takes me 15 minutes to get to work at 120km/hr but Road B takes me 20 minutes with a 5-minute delay caused by traffic lights”. Yeah! That is basically my life right now and what I complain about (& the cold….yeah – the cold weather sucks!).

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