Pres Buhari’s Twitter Account Shares a Demeaning Image of GEJ at the State House

by Uche Onegeria 4 Aug , 2016  

President Buhari and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (When the Bromance was Fake Sweet)
Just so you know, I am not one to quickly JUDGE but the image below deserves a discussion on my blog. It is my blog after all and I discuss what I think matters.
FYI, I am also not a fan of President Buhari, Goodluck Jonathan or any politician at all. Many people have turned around to label me a Political Analyst or claim that I love politics. These are all hideous claims by the way as I will not touch politics with a 10000***-ft pole. I mean, with how terrible the Nigerian situation has become, you might as well label everyone politicians because almost everyone today is involved in political discussion. Who will blame them? One has to be silly or nonchalant not to when our well being is affected by these leaders’ actions.
That said, I take no sides thus my dance with politics is only restricted to saying the truth. If anything, I am on the People‘s side. Our leaders are all thieves and care about no one but themselves. You might as well stop defending them, if you do.
So, back to discussing this image – I thought it was a highly political move by APC or Buhari to show everyone that, “Yes, Fmr President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is my b****”. But come on people, even when I was in Secondary school (High School) or University, we did not even do something this dehumanizing (or maybe we did but that was a donkey years ago, when we were kids). These men are 60 – 70 yr olds who  lead our nation (the faux Giant of Africa), Nigeria and they are playing cheap, high school politics? Americans call it, “throwing shade”. Yass! President Buhari just threw a shade at his rival and former President GEJ.
Hmm. To me, one main thing GEJ has working against him is that he has no presidential bone in him. Is it just me or does he always seem to look like he is unsure of himself? Like he is even scared of the ground that he walks on or that he has no clue who he is or where he is. He looks like an easy prey. You know that chap in school that everyone picks on? He commands (no respect) nothing so why will our military President, General Buhari not regard him with great disdain?
President Muhammadu Buhari (R) welcoming Former President Goodluck Jonathan to the Presidential Villa today (3/8/16) 5466/03/08/2016/ICE//NAN
Look at President Buhari, very sure of himself then compare his demeanour to GEJ’s…..
President Buhari reminds me of myself; I can be very impatient and will not have time for someone with GEJ’s demeanour, especially when I know he was given the big responsibility of being Nigeria’s president. When I need results, I get restless if someone gives me bullcrap instead. I lose respect for them ASAP especially when they cannot perform their tasks efficiently. If I am chatting with a 40 yr – old person, I need them to have the maturity level of at least a 30 yr – old not a 10 yr – old.
Something tells me that President Buhari has no time for GEJ’s alleged uncertain, snail-paced, clueless, uncalculated strategies and irrelevant explanations which connect no dots nor make any sense from his time as Nigeria’s president.
So people, even though I might understand how he feels about GEJ’s bland and boring persona, I cannot, do not and will not understand why his Twitter account shared that image. It is cheap, tacky, demeaning, and not mature at all. I think they should take it down.
Here is the Image shared from President Buhari’s Twitter handle yesterday, August 3rd (about 18 hours ago)
Source: President Buhari’s Twitter account @MBuhari
I think GEJ looks like a scared student who is about to pee in his pants after being called to the Principal’s office for getting into trouble. Or what do you think?

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