The Biafra I Would Have Loved to be a Part of…..

by Uche Onegeria 25 Jul , 2016  

Ibo (my sister said I should spell it as “Igbo”) so here we go…
Igbo bu ike!…..Igbo is strength!
Igbo amaka!…..Igbo is beautiful!
Igbo erika!…….Igbo is plenty (bountiful)!
Igbo abaka!……Igbo is abundantly endowed!


 I see the Biafran movement all over social media and I respect it but have several concerns. I might be wrong but I think many people are jumping on the bandwagon without asking relevant questions about the facts leading up to this movement. Now, it seems that any death involving any Igbo person is blamed on President Buhari’s Administration. We seem to be blind to arguments and cannot separate facts (truth) from propaganda. We see dead bodies on social media tagged with hate messages and attributing the cause of death to the Buhari Administration, and we immediately eat it up and share the hate on our own profiles.

Some people might not like this post, but I have to ask some relevant questions that we might not have considered. If this post annoys you, can you sincerely admit it is because you do not want to accommodate the truth at all or because I am lying? I am not an extremist (I am not saying you are one either). I have always been one of those that fight for the rights of any marginalized group with reason. I detest cheats and hearsay. If someone tells me anything terrible about another person, I never believe them. I always go “what if……?”

I published this post because maybe some of our beautiful sisters and brothers might not have thought about these issues. Please, objectively and open-mindedly see my highlights below:

1. Is only President Buhari to be blamed for our current situation?

Yes! Igbos have been marginalized by every administration till date but why is only President Buhari held accountable for everything today? It seems like from the first day that this Northern President was sworn in, we all suddenly remembered that we have been marginalized and suddenly want to break away. I would have understood if we waited a little bit but we did not. It reminds me of President Obama as United States President where most white people cannot see beyond the fact that he is black.

What about all former Igbo Governors who did not develop the Igbo land with billions in budget allocations from 1960 till date? It is only fair that we also hold all of these (Mbadinuju, Peter Obi, Chimaroke, Sullivan Chime, Nnamani, Ohakim, Rochas, etc.) accountable as well.

The faces of the some of the leaders who “stole” from the South. When we are done criticizing these men (and holding them accountable), we can proceed to President Buhari (who occupied his position a little over 1 year ago) & then other Northern elites.

2. The predominant kidnap situation
Why is there no movement against this? Not one person speaks up against this and this keeps happening. Most Igbos in diaspora are scared of returning back home. Even those that thought they were safe in Lagos are also kidnapped from there. When females are kidnapped, they are raped as well. Why will I want to belong to a group that kidnaps each other? Peter Edochie was kidnapped. Even Igwe Obi of Onitsha was nearly kidnapped from his own compound years ago. You might say it is now all over Nigeria but we all know it was commercialized in the South some few years ago. I remember poorer people were even kidnapped for N40,000.00 recharge cards.

3. Igbo land is still pretty much underdeveloped. Can we stand on our own yet?
I would have loved to be part of Biafra that our leaders would have been smart enough to prepare for: with great roads, hospitals, schools, airport, industries etc. If we had set the proper structures in place and then started fighting for our independence, maybe I can understand that. I cannot imagine coming into the country through Abuja or Lagos (which would be another country then) after we have broken away as Biafra and the hell they will give me. Give me an International Airport and great hospitals etc. before we think of locking ourselves in.

4. The pervasive and prevalent Corrupt culture in the entire Nigerian system
Corruption is everywhere in the country. Everyone we have trusted in the past has betrayed us. Why will people suddenly change now – Biafran or not? If President Buhari’s administration let us go and gave some Igbo leaders all the resources we need; do you trust that they will do right by us? Our current leaders are bleeding us dry? How will Biafra change this? Trusting anyone at all just tells me that we just have not learned our own lessons.
I do not know if the time for Biafra is now but I am concerned that with these current problems, even if Biafra is handed to us on a platter (free of charge), we will be no different than we were yesterday.

If you can assure me that my concerns are not justified, then I will hop on the bandwagon, paint my face Red, Black, Green, and Yellow and never look back.

I am just a concerned Nigerian, sharing my perspectives which many Igbos that I have connected with, also share as well. And before you start spewing verbal insults (which I have observed with most Biafrans), let me just say that if you do not have anything smart, strategic, constructive or even human to say, please keep your thoughts to yourself. We are not children here. Let’s act like the adults that we are.

Thank you!


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  1. Hello Uche.

    Some serious food for thought! Well done.

    On that your Linkedin mail. Hmmm. Nwanem..when I settle down I will respond. The matter plenty!…Lol

    Guess you know who it is already!!

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