10 Easy And Simple Ways To Be Your Partner’s Best Friend

by Uche Onegeria 26 Jul , 2016  

1. When you have earned and gained their trust, never betray it.
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Anyone that trusts you has peace of mind with you. They are not worrying about you when you are on vacation with your friends or drinking and shopping with your friends. They can literally pick up the phone, talk to you and go back to bed with a firm belief that you are theirs and that their position in your life is not threatened and will never be compromised

2. Appreciate them especially when are being amazing.
Every good deed deserves a reward. It does not have to be material gift or financial. It could be great and sincere words of encouragement, thoughtful card………..
Source: www.gratitudehabitat.com
3. Sincerely and gently tell them when they are in the wrong.
As humans, we are not perfect and we will always make mistakes. No true love is worth anything if you cannot tell your partner when they are in the wrong or if you cannot accept when you are confronted about your mistakes. To err is human, to forgive is divine!
Girl, pay attention to him!!
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4. Avoid name-calling.
It does not matter how angry you are. Even if you are roaring like a lion (although it is advised that you go gentle with them), stick to exactly what they did wrong. Avoid making deductions or conclusions. See the 2 versions of dialogues below:
“Why did you spend $1,000 on a handbag? I thought we decided that we will be saving towards a house? What do you have to say about this?” 
“How can you be that stupid. Do you not have a brain to know we’re saving to buy a house?”.
When you approach the situation positively, (and I am talking about a reasonable couple here not the crazy ones or monsters) you will see the guilty partner become undone before you and start confessing how they will make amends. And believe me, they will work hard to make it up to you.
5. Get involved in their lives and also the lives of their immediate families.
Most times, we get married and think it is only about our partners but we should remember that they came from somewhere. Just like iron, they are forged from intense heat. You partner has a history. There are people who forged them into the unique beings that you now live with 24/7. Why will you ignore them?
6. Get them unexpected gifts.
There does not have to be a reason to celebrate. Just do it. The more spontaneous you are the better it would be.
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7. Give more than you receive (Sacrifice).
I have always said that in a union between 2 reasonable individuals, once they give as much as they receive (without feeling or being cheated), they will have the strongest union ever. And what is given here might not necessarily be physical gifts. In fact, it is not. It is about time, love, care, compassion, advice etc.
8. Be open to their needs (at least try)
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Their needs might seem like one uphill climb (difficult one) but if you actually tried to meet it, you might succeed. And if you do not succeed, at least they would see that you actually tried. Ignoring someone’s needs is heartbreaking and depressing to them. You are in your lives for each other. Be each other’s support system.

9. Be attentive to their needs (they do not necessarily have to ask before you actually get things done for them).
Source: www.psychologytoday.com
Have you heard that “Communication is only 7 percent verbal and 93 percent non-verbal”. The non-verbal component is made up of body language (55 percent) and tone of voice (38 percent) Source: ubiquity.acm.org
Every day, lovers say things they would love to do or have. Even the basic, “I want to shop for groceries today but I am simply tired”. They do not have ask you to do it. If they are down, and you are up, do it if you can.
Ladies are usually known to not directly ask men to provide their needs. Men might not be expecting some of their flimsy needs to be met as well but it is amazing when you pick up on clues your partner never imagined you would notice and do something incredible with that information.
10. Ask them what you can do better, work on it..
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…….then finally, have a little self-reflection. Always ask yourself this question, “Are they happy or miserable with me?”. If you can sincerely answer this question and you are sincerely happy with your answer (not in a narcissistic or sociopathic way), then you are truly the best partner for them (especially if they confirm it as well).

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