Why Are Some Billionaires College Dropouts?

by Uche Onegeria 4 Jun , 2016  

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2. Bill Gates (Net Worth $72 B ) At a Glance Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Age: 58 Source of Wealth: Microso...

8. Li Ka-shing (Net Worth $32 B) Forbes Lists, At a Glance, Chairman, Hutchison Whampoa Age: 85 Source of Wealth: divers...

EIKE BATISTAName: EIKE BATISTANet Worth:$30 BAge: 54Title: CEOOrganization: EBX GroupSource: mining, oil, self-madeResiden...

MUKESH AMBANIName: MUKESH AMBANINet Worth:$27 BAge: 54Title: ChairmanOrganization: Reliance IndustriesSource: petrochemica...

Now that you are done looking at billionaire dropouts, I want you to know that my question is actually rhetoric. Just because some billionaires are college dropouts does not mean that all college dropouts will be billionaires. Get your dumbhead to school.

What this post simply means is that education is not only obtained from the classrooms. There are some people who did not step into the 4 walls of a school but are more educated that graduates.
There are some graduates today who our forefathers (with only a Standard 6 level education) are wiser than.
It is true that some people might be born with it. Others also realize that the classroom can only do so much and get additional help elsewhere. Either way, seek the way that suits you; do what is best for you. But NEVER relax into your life with ONLY a classroom education.
Sources: Slideshare, www.twincommas.com

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