The Different Kinds of Nigerians. Which are you…from this List?

by Uche Onegeria 2 Jun , 2016  


The Thief 
who just steals everything. The 2 Nigerian Ps, Pastors and Politicians Belong in this category. Even the Tailors and any other person who get paid but never get the job done.
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The Doer
who act more than they talk
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The Talker
who just loves hearing themselves talk….but will never get up to work
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The Unrepentant Thief..
Erhm…some Politicians and Businessmen that stole in 1900 that continue to steal today..

The “Repentant Sinner”
some politicians who I shall not name…fall in this category…
Nigerians never forgive, they would judge you for sins you committed as a baby… We do not care for the The Lord’s Prayer’s “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those…”.. here.
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The Follower
(who follows any idea like sheep, without asking questions) nor having strategies, no plans, they just “follow their leader”. Na wa oooh! Even the biblical apostles questioned Jesus on several prophesies and had a plan

The Liar (Drama Queen)
who publishes pictures even from the 1800s and claim it’s from a current event to suit their “Cause”. They would publish pictures of burned victims from some hospital, miles away and attribute it to a current event

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E.g. These ones will criticize politicians for the silliest thing like breathing and will use that opportunity to raise a propaganda which could mislead people and incite mass hysteria
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The Preacher
Who tells people to pray and all their sufferings would…..poof….”disappear!!”
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The one who blows everything up
for whatever reason and leaves their own backyards in a mess. This person is so awesome, they can literally make a mountain out of a molehill.

The Great Mind
..who might be remembered in history for facing the Nigerian situation head-on with strategies that can only be described as David facing Goliath and winning with just a sling. These are people that I want my children to read about and emulate..sadly, only a few people come to my mind right now.

The Bully
who runs you off rudely…for questioning their actions (which all they have to do is reply if their actions are truly valid). I mean, remember how we acted back in school when our teachers asked us questions we know Versus when we were asked questions we didn’t know..

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The Elephant
who never forgives nor forgets. They bring up things about you, or any politician from 100 years ago…like people do not change. I am not saying everyone changes but I know some do.

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 The one who sits on the sidelines
Have you warmed your bum with all that “sitting”..? Tell me…you look mighty uncomfortable on that “ball”.  You can’t sit on the sidelines and expect results though #JustSaying

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The Ignorant Oaf…
1. who is clueless, and refuses to learn
2. who thinks they know everything
My dear, education never ends!
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