Single Mothers Are Not Damaged Goods. They are Simply Women!!

by Uche Onegeria 7 Jun , 2016  

The following screenshots shows comments exchanged between “Adam and Eve”… Adam seems to think that single mothers are desperate and inferior to other women who are single.
Me: I think this mindset is a reflection of who Adam is not who these single mothers are. Adam will treat every woman that walks into his life like a piece of sh*t. Like why will you size people up and down based on their current life situations when you do not know their whole story? To me, most single mothers are just normal women like myself who just happened to get pregnant but their partners did not marry them (maybe because things did not work out – that happens, you know). Or who just fell in love for the wrong men.
I mean..comm’n, do you know how many women walk down the aisle pregnant?

Of course, she got herself pregnant. The man did not take a risk too.

No one expects you to step in and save the day. You do not even sound like you can save yourself. In fact, you sound like a woman did not give birth to you

Adam still did not listen to the wise words above. He is just stuck in his own drunken haze..



Why can’t a woman be with a man without the man thinking that he is using her? Why can’t she be the one doing the “using”?


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