President Buhari; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

by Uche Onegeria 28 Jun , 2016  

The Good

  • He is in the same league with most godfathers like Bola Tinubu and Olusegun Obasanjo so you can say that he cannot be bullied by anyone in Nigeria.
  • He is quite decisive. His executive orders are usually very swift and direct.
  • He is fearless and ruthless(although this might border on “abuse of power”).
  • He is unapologetic(my Igbo brothers and sisters need to learn one or 2 things from Baba about this because we would rather compromise ourselves by getting other tribes on board. President Buhari gives no excuses for having 99% of his tribesmen on his executive team).

The Bad
I used Baba’s picture from when he was a Military man (Left) because that was when he accumulated the money he currently uses to fund his children’s education overseas. He acts like a changed man now (Right)… Time shall tell.

  • More than enough political positions held in the past. I think Nigeria has had enough.
              President; 2015 – date
              Federal Minister of Petroleum Resources; 2015 – date
              Head of State of Nigeria; 1983 – 1985
              Federal Commissioner of Petroleum and Natural Resources; 1976 – 1978
              Governor of Borno State; 3 January 1976 – March 1976
              Governor of the Northeastern State; 30 July 1975 – 3 January 1976
  • Old school politics like; fighting corruption over fighting for people’s welfare.
  • Outdated ideas. He seems to approach the current Nigeria like the 1970’s Nigeria.
  • Lack of tact especially when addressing the media or discussing other tribes (I will blame it on his old age). “Political Correctness” is not in our President’s dictionary.
  • Lack of transparency, accountability and direction.
  • Total arrogance and disdain for the law.
  • His leadership is 85% Corruption battle, 15% people’s welfare. He seems to forget that he is leading people. What is the use of recovering looted funds when Nigerians are dying in alarming numbers?
  • His battle for corruption and loot recovery seem to be directed towards the opposition party, PDP. He truly has his head in his past Military era.

The Ugly

I still cannot believe he said something like an International press conference

  • One can accuse him of being grossly tribalistic and might not be wrong because he does not have a firm stance on the fight against Tribalism.
  • Vindictive which could actually make him petty at times (remind you of someone that made the news recently for that?).
  • Ignoring many major concerns in the country since he was sworn into office like; Inter Tribal rifes, Herdsmen attack, Biafra etc.
  • He seems detached from many social issues in Nigeria. He has never discussed education, healthcare, women’s rights, protection of youths and women etc. He is only about the economy which is an irony as Olusegun Obasanjo said President Buhari knows very little about that.
  • Disastrous leadership strategies like locking up the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu for almost 9 months now instead of bringing the group to the negotiating table. He also should have employed inclusive strategies with all the Nigerian tribes to promote peace in the country instead of lording over the already distressed group and agitating millions of their members. His strategy also could be blamed for indirectly stirring up many other groups like the Niger Delta Avengers and XYZ groups that have been activated recently.
I know he has more Good, Bad and Ugly that I did not cover but please feel free to share your views.

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  1. Uche,

    I am a fervent follower of your blog because I have always believed that you are very objective in your views on the political situation in Nigeria. Guess that also inspired the name of your blog.

    You may have not have noticed it but you seem to have slightly drifted off to view issues now with "ethno-tainted" glasses. I can understand how you feel in the light of the insensitive nature of the current administration's towards Nigeria's unique political landscape. I hope your blog will not descend to an igbo-centric blog. As that would be sad.In times like this are when real patriots stand to be counted.

    I am from the north but it doesn't make me necessarily at peace with what the president has allowed to go on. Sometimes your insinuation of the entire north being in agreement with the president is rather unfortunate and grossly inaccurate.

    You say.."my Igbo brothers and sisters need to learn one or 2 things from Baba about this because we would rather compromise ourselves by getting other tribes on board". Is this a bad thing? You are invariably saying this should be what your "igbo brother" (and sisters I believe) should do. Does this advance the future of our kids and generations yet unborn? Is it Onegeria?

    You say…"He has never discussed education, healthcare, women's rights, protection of youths and women etc". I feel the same way too. But I have tried to be objective about it. If a patient is bleeding profusely in the emergency room would that be a time to worry about pimple on the nose? Nigeria was bleeding and was on the verge of collapse under the previous administration and I want to believe it is the focus of this administration is to prioritize. Ghana was in a similar situation when J. Rawlings took over. I dont think when he was trying to stabilise Ghana such issues were at the forefront of his agenda. I am prepared to give this administration the benefit of the doubt.

    You say…"His battle for corruption and loot recovery seem to be directed towards the opposition party, PDP". According to James Entwistle who is the outgoing US Ambassador to Nigeria "I have been following the investigations of those arrested to see whether there is any evidence that they are politically motivated, I have not found any.”( In the words of GEJ'America should know"..Lol. My take is that no former state governor is being prosecuted on allegations of corruption in his state..yet. What they have done is to follow the money trail from the federal coffers. Incidentally since PDP was in power at the federal level that money trail has been through mainly through PDP hands..ministers..governors…party leaders etc. I cant wait to see what happens when previous state governments are being probed.

    Like I said earlier, I am not totally sold on the style of the current government. The administration wreaks with a lot of incompetence as a result of the lopsided team. This in my opinion is the root cause of the misstep of the administration.

  2. Hello, it will be nice if you will show your id as I'm not certain replies get delivered to Anonymous accounts. I also have to apologize for being away from my blog as I have a daytime job and life as well :).

    I also have to disagree with you that other APC officials of the past are clean as a whistle. To say that is to lie to ourselves and for me to do a disservice for my readers. Both sides are wrong and corrupt!!

    If you want to understand my writing in terms of affiliations or taking sides, you will always find me wanting as I am human but just know this; I follow the truth!!

    If you say I am ethno-tainted, I will tell you to write me a Nigerian story that will not be greatly influenced by your Northern background. Mine might be influenced by my background, for good reasons as well but I will call out any group that is in the wrong.

    That is the only way for us all to know the damage that we have wrought on ourselves. An Igbo (christian) person might be ignorant of the fact that their ideals or approach to religion or some foreign deity might offend other groups, just like a northern person might not get it either.

    I will always be respectful in sharing my views and will stand to learn as well. And if you have to know, I have nothing but respect for our President because I owe him that much but if you think I will not respectfully criticize him, then you are truly joking because all I offer are constructive criticisms. I will also never advocate for any group to share their grievance with violence.

    Thank you very much for your detailed reply and your precious time :). I hope you visit again. Stay Blessed!!

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