Pictures: Meet Some Nigerians Employed At Facebook

by Uche Onegeria 9 Jun , 2016  

Chukwuemeka Afigbo


Nmachi Jidenma

 Ebele Okobi

Morin Oluwole

Charles Obih

 Opeyemi Salau

 Olaoluwa Okelola

Mark Zuckerberg even called “Olaoluwa Okelola” out on his Facebook page for setting a “trap” for him

 Ibrahem Shekoni

The average Facebook Salary
Why did I publish this story? I know we have all currently found ourselves in a difficult economy but I want us to also know that it never hurts to rely on the power of our brain. Mark Zuckerberg discovered Facebook which has become very useful for everyone today. However, there are many more spectacular inventions to be made. You could be the one to develop a free device that will power our homes at no cost. You could develop the vaccine for malaria (malaria kills millions of Nigerians everyday), sustainable food sources, proper procedures for Nigerian leadership, cure for cancer or HIV/AIDS.
Blowing up pipelines will not get you the respect, fulfillment and peace of mind that the people on this page have. It will NOT bring you the change we all desire. If you want to see the effects of war, search google for what Afghanistan looks like today. Let us move forward, not backwards.
Instead of producing warriors, let us delegate leaders who would go on the negotiating table (not battlefield) with the government.
God bless us all.
Sources: Facebook, LinkedIn



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