It Must Be Amazing to Be a Man….in this “Man’s World”

by Uche Onegeria 6 Jun , 2016  

Where you can sleep with 000’s of girls and receive a pat on your back….whereas if a woman does it, she is a ho* (coughs….coughs..)

Where you yell at people and you are a BOSS....and if a woman does it, she is a bitch.

Where you are single at 35, go to social media and call yourself the hottest bachelor in town….whereas any woman who dares go on social media to call herself “the hottest spinster in town” is just asking for trouble and insults.

Minnie Dlamini - Itumeleng Khune:


Where you can leave your wife, go drinking with your buddies and all is fine….whereas if a woman dares leaves the house to go see her friends and stays over “longer than necessary”, leaving you with your own children, she is neglectful. She will even get read the Riot Act!

Drinking buddies, I see you!!

Where your fellow men support you even when you are being a dumb head…whereas fellow ladies tear themselves apart with any chance they get…..*sips tea*

Where the term, “single father” does not apply to you when you have fathered a child outside of wedlock……but “Single mother” is that dreaded tag conveniently given to the female you had the same child with.

Where you father a child, remain the same and unmarred whereas the lady you share your baby with is saddled with that baby forever and called “damaged goods”.

Where you can be 60 years or divorced or a widower or and still marry a 20 year-old….whereas a woman who is 60 is expected to pack-up and retire from life, the divorcée is just a bad woman who could not keep her marriage (yes, it is always a woman’s fault) and the widow is expected to be a withered tree without feelings who should just lock herself behind closed doors.
Adams Oshiomhole and his 2nd wife, Lara Fortes who he married in 2015 after his wife died in 2010. Buhari’s face though…Expression for ages! Hahaha And guess what, Oshiomhole said he met Lara a virgin (I’m not sure I care for that bit of information!)

Where when you have issues having children but it is never your fault.…whereas a woman is outrightly found to be at fault by the society.

Where you can bare your chest, and any part of your body and “it is just sexy and macho” (I purr)…whereas a woman who dares bares her legs, is asking to be raped. In fact, she deserves it.


Where you inherit all your father’s wealth just because you have a scrotum…whereas, a woman will be lucky if she gets crumbs.

Where you answer to no one whereas, your wife is supposed to SUBMIT to you (even if you are a dumbass that might lead her blindly until you run smack dab into a brick wall)

Where if you talk about how terrible women are, you are just “preaching it boy”, they say….whereas, a woman who discusses her experience with men is just…………bitter (Yeah, that is so me right now…. Bitter….even though I am jamming Sean Paul and I have a friend making me dinner right now.. Hahaha! Yeah, that is the definition of “bitter”).
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Where you are expected to lock up your feelings, act like a tree and do not be human to your woman. “Be a man”, they say.. Some take it to mean, “Be a jackass”…whereas, the woman is expected to expose her feelings raw for you, care for you and love you like God himself…..even if you are stomping your grossly dirty feet all over her feelings.

Where given your amazing testosterone, there is no excuse for you not to be fit or at least, have “a dad bod” but you grow a gut that hangs out of you like the eiffel tower which defies any medical explanation……whereas, the woman whose body has been ravaged by 3 – 5 children, is expected to still look like a Victoria’s Secret model.

It must feel amazing to be a man. Tell me how hard you have it again in this life….
The way I see it, it is a woman’s world… The men just have it too easy! Since when do chickens rule the jungle? (I am taking the title from you). It should be a woman’s world with all these burdens that we carry (winks).
I mean, some women have also become breadwinners you know… It is not a competition but maybe when you pop a baby out of you, we will be even and you could have your silly title back!! Hahaahha!

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