How to Unlock the “Nigerian Mentality” to Think Like the Developed Minds

by Uche Onegeria 13 Jun , 2016  

Quit being Shy/Modest
Be shy all you want but do not let this prevent you from letting the light in you shine (I said “light” not stupidity). You need to “sell yourself” every chance you get! You never know who might be observing you. If you do not know how to, keep reading this post to learn more.

Never downplay yourself in anyway to make others feel better. Have you ever seen a diamond not shine (when it was born to shine) because it wants the gravels to feel better for being cheap/ordinary?


Admit that you need help
Our biggest flaw as humans is to never accept when we are inadequate. This might make us not to reach our potential on this earth. Imagine if we never have to go to school after we are born or receive any form of education at all?
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If you are a Graduate, understand that you have limitations if you do not seek continued knowledge after school

There are some graduates who passed through school but the school did not quite pass through them. When the ones who actually took-in the information taught in our “mediocre” school systems are having intelligent discussions, if you cannot catch up with them, please shut up and listen. Understand that Schooling and Education are not the same. An illiterate can be more “educated” than a Graduate.
If you are NOT a Graduate, (please do not take it personal) understand that you might have limited understanding in certain areas.
Did you know that the average CEO reads 4-5 books every month? They make it a habit. They probably have all the money and power in the world but still read because like I said (in the beginning of this write-up), if you stop educating yourself, the mind gradually dies.

How many books do you read? None? If you do not feed your mind by reading or seeking other forms of knowledge, how will you change your own corner of the world, let alone the world? How will you get into an argument/dialogue with someone who knows the world better than you and make sense at all? Maybe that is why you resort to verbal abuse to win your arguments because you know nothing in “your head” would help you win. Grab a book. Make yourself proud!

Get help if you can. Once you receive help, you might even outshine the graduate who refuses to continue educating himself. Never allow the circumstance that made you an illiterate to prevent you from educating your mind.

Believe in yourself
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“If you have it, FLAUNT it”, they say. There is no shame in showing off who you are, especially when you keep working harder to open your mind and improve your knowledge bank. Aim for the stars. Have BIG dreams.

Read Vastly

Be Disciplined, Objective and Honest
It is always more admirable to do the right thing rather than be right. They say that honesty is the best policy. At times, it is great to pick sides but it is even better when you are just honest and can say the truth without the fear of hurting anyone.
Strive to leave your circle of friends to seek upgraded minds. If you all think the same way, who will teach others?
There is a higher purpose why we went to school to study subjects like English, Mathematics etc. which we did not know before. This is also applicable to individuals in life – you limit yourself by thinking you know enough and that anyone with opinion that goes contrary to yours is your enemy. You also limit yourself if you are constantly surrounded by people with the same level of education. Endeavour to move on from your circle when it is obvious that there is nothing NEW which you can learn from them.
Always Keep an OPEN MIND

Always try to see things from others’ perspectives. An Open-mind helped:

  • Benjamin Franklin to invent electricity,
  • Alexander Bell to invent the telephone,
  • Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, to build the first airplane,
  • Thomas Edison to invent the lightbulb,
  • Lawrence Roberts to discover the internet,
  • Mark Zuckerberg to invent Facebook (Imagine a world without Facebook)
If they did not have an open mind, we would probably still be living in caves today. Also understand that you will not always share the same opinion with others but you have to at least, respect them.
Do not be afraid to say or hear “NO”
This is one undoing for most individuals in our generation today. Our parents did an incredible job but what I see from everywhere is; people who cannot manage “No”.
I cannot tell if it is harder for people to hear you say “No” or harder for them to accept “No” when you give them that answer. Either way, “No”is an option that should be used freely, and without explaining yourself.
Knowing who you are should have been a major topic on this page because if you do, you will feel very comfortable saying “No” or “Yes” and never feel guilty about it.


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