Do Some Nigerians Act Different in the Presence of a Foreigner?

by Uche Onegeria 6 Jun , 2016  

Before you burst a nerve or something, I said “some”. Yes! Some of us turn into an entirely different specie when a foreigner shows up. Apart from changing the way we speak (this is an argument for another day), we also change the way we act with any of our friends who is around to witness this.

It would have been alright if we behaved the same way in the presence of other Nigerians who we do not know. But we do not. This transformation in attitudes only happens when these foreign people or Nigerians who are born here (you know the ones with the “cool accent”) show up.

I have always observed this amongst my own friends but just kept my nose out of it but when I read this post from someone about it, I knew I am not the only one irritated by this.

This question is by a black American (not even Nigerian)..but black is black. We are all black and behave the same. However, I was surprised to observe that some black Americans also act weird in front of white people.
Source: Facebook
She explained further..
Source: Facebook 
What are your thoughts?????


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