Dear Nigerian Leaders, Are Our Own Lives Worth Less than Yours?

by Uche Onegeria 2 Jun , 2016  

How can you Effectively Lead a Country you have no Personal Asset in?
In this post, I will show you what the facilities you and I use look like, in comparison to the ones our politicians, their friends and families use.

It is obvious that the infrastructure in Nigeria is in ruins. The new ones are not properly maintained and the old ones keep dilapidating to the point that they pose health risks to Nigerians. In fact, most of them are death traps.

This is not surprising! How will a Nigerian politician who does not receive treatment in Nigeria, whose children do not go to school in Nigeria nor vacation in Nigeria bother trying to fix the decaying facilities they do not and will never use?
Why do we keep electing people who lead like this? I wish Nigerians can sign an undertaken with all political leaders which will mandate them to actually use existing facilities (so they will receive treatment in the country and get their children to attend schools in Nigeria) so that they might actually think of fixing the country. This is the only solution I see to having throngs of leaders pass through the system in the name of leading us but feed us bones and take the meat for themselves.
None of them can boast of one good (I do not want to say great or world-class) school, roads or hospital that they have built in their time…NONE!!
I also see the way Nigerians waste their internet data (MB like you call it) to gobble up the lives of the Ohakim daughters and their husbands. “Oh, they are this and that.. They are sooo cute together.” Meanwhile they are wearing your one year school fees on their heads as human hair, driving cars and living in houses that could have built us hospitals to give us better lives. They are innocent children alright so I am not personally calling them out. This is not a personal attack!

However, they are living and enjoying luxury that could have saved the lives of your loved ones who maybe suddenly dropped dead of an unknown illness that could have been managed properly if we had a great healthcare system.

The average Nigerian is so weak (or blind) and fails to criticize and condemn these acts. We worship the grounds these political leaders walk on and lick their feet. Hence, they probably see us as “dogs” who deserve the decaying system while they seek better lives outside the country.
The undeniable FACT is that in Nigeria, our politicians NEVER use any of our facilities while in office and afterwards. They do not have any reason to use them, therefore they have none whatsoever to fix them. They have options overseas and the funds designated for your and I will continue to feed that until we all speak up against such acts. Whenever they are sick, you will hear that they have been flown overseas. Who flies us away when we get sick?
Delta State University Abraka (Just BELOW: they say that it is one of the best in the country)
Best huh? Tell me how many Nigerian politicians’ child/children were/are educated there.
University of Nigeria Nsukka is supposed to be the best in the country. I know how students fight amongst each other while debating which of these dying schools is the best in the country..

The Comparisons below show the better facilities..

Goodluck Jonathan commissioned the “National Trauma Center” above (not directly above. You know a Nigerian structure when you see it.) but even he will not die in that hospital.
I do not know if you feel the same way I do – the same anger I feel… I am not in Nigeria but even as I enjoy the “luxury” here, I am not happy because I am appalled that we cannot boast of even 10% “development” in comparison to other nations. Many Nigerians continue suffering unnecessarily. This should stop!
We should mandate them to;
a. use our congested roads,
b. use our under-equipped and aged hospitals,
c. use our public transport buses driven by unqualified drivers, 
d. have comparable security to what we have,
e. have their children go to Nigerian schools. etc

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