Can Your Tribe Get You Killed In Nigeria?

by Uche Onegeria 27 Jun , 2016  

Is Human Life truly MEANINGLESS to the average Nigerians (Africans)?

Maybe the title above is not the most appropriate one to capture what I have in mind for this story. I have not written a story in a while because I have been playing around with various ideas which could contribute to making Nigeria work. I aim to bring a fresh perspective to our situation so that people will actually pay attention and take the darkness looming over us seriously.

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I am on Twitter and it is a great environment. I do not get attacked as much as I get attacked on Facebook just because of my name, Uche Onegeria (The “Onegeria” drives people nuts). I think Twitter users are more open-minded (I want to be careful with labelling them as *elites) than most of my Facebook users. It does not help that my experiment on social media to keep my private life “private”, made me open another Facebook account and befriended strangers. That kind of opened up a hellhole for tons of verbal assaults just because of my name.

There is something weird about a grown man calling someone names…even on Social Media. Makes me think their maturity stopped at 4 – years Although, we all know many 4-year olds who behave better than these adult babies

 Anyway on Friday, while having a little bit of a slow day at work, I wandered from one website to another until I stumbled on this  Facebook video where men (they could be animals for all I care) were butchering other men allegedly because they are from a different tribe.

I never incite mass hysteria so I did not quickly share this video on my various social media profiles. Maybe you have seen it but… I am not sharing because a lot of people pick up arms when they view it instead of “picking up their brain cells”. Many people have this theory that President Buhari is waiting for Igbos to be provoked so he would literally wipe them out but they continue calling for violence and raising an army of civilians who will only go into a gunfight with their fists.

Source: Alternate image from the web


Let me narrate what happened in this video for you

  • I saw men (about 3 of them) on the ground with their hands tied behind them like rag dolls. I could not tell if they were dead or alive (although I hope they were dead because what happened later would have been worse than hellfire for them).
  • The men who were standing above them were dressed in your clean, everyday clothes and I also saw military men in the video as well (My apologies as I cannot confirm this again – watching that video once was enough).
  • These men took their large knives and started slashing the throats of the half-dead men on the ground. A stream of blood gushed out like a geyser. It was unbelievable.
  • As if that was not enough, they plucked their eyes (or whatever they did to their faces), then repeatedly stabbed them all over their bodies like they were nothing.
  • They were not done yet; they took knives and cut off their private parts in 1 slice – like it was nothing. Like you quickly cut out onions or something like that.
  • They proceeded to shove them into an already-dug grave….&…
  • At a point, I saw one of them sharpen their knife & ….
This was one of the most traumatic things I have ever seen in my life. It was horrible, inhumane, unspeakable and pure evil on Nigerian soil by Nigerians!!
Source: web

Remember that I was at work – I found myself sobbing uncontrollably. I hate horror movies so why did I watch that?

I am always an advocate of Peace and I just wanted to understand both sides. I wanted to see why my own people are as angry as they are. After I saw that video, who can blame them?
When I got myself together, I started chatting with one of my colleagues and she was like, “I think you should have a blog.” (I do not tell everyone about my blog so….). She continued, “because I would not know this is happening in Nigeria if I did not meet you. The international community needs to know especially if your government is not doing anything about it.”

I thought to myself, I am on Twitter, I tweet to a few hundred followers, and I blog modestly with the hope to bring my own bit of change and reach as many people as possible. Is that enough?

I also had many questions:

  • What is the government doing about this?
  • Where is the outcry for those people that were butchered in cold blood in that video?
  • Where are all my celebrities?
  • Having seen this video, why will I laugh at all the stupid jokes shared online?
  • How can we continue sharing jokes instead of demanding that this administration puts laws in place to prosecute the perpetrators of these dastardly acts?
  • Why are people fighting wrongly?
  • Why are our leaders are busy persecuting looters while murderers are having a spree in various parts of the country?
  • When did Money become more valuable than Human Lives?

As I drove home, my heart hurt so bad. I prayed to God to get me home safely & not let my tears and hurt blind me while I was behind the wheel. I shared the story with a few people but they did not know the depth of my pain. I slept and woke up with a broken heart. I am guilty of caring too much and this battle became personal for me from when I saw that video.

What my sister thought about the video.. She refused to watch it to the end 🙁


I know many of us advocate for a “divided Nigeria” which is fair but I ask how it will be different then.
  • Are we going to build walls and electric fences around us to prevent these animals from getting into our communities (because that is what they are doing now)?
  • How will this situation be made better by splitting from Nigeria?
  • Let us not just think of only “What to do?” in the heat of the moment but “How will WHAT we do HELP?”
I want to say I hope that my voice gets bigger to impact the change that we need to turn things around. No matter what, the Nigerian government needs to acknowledge that there is a huge problem on her hands. This problem is even worse than corruption.
 If you want to fight my ideology, remember that I am not the enemy. Put your energy to good use and come up with creative ideas to help. While you are fighting for something that might happen in the next 5 years, we need proactive actions to save innocent lives that will be killed before then.

There are 3 Major tribes in Nigeria; Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba.
As for my question, do you think your tribe can get you killed in Nigeria?

Thank you for reading.

PS: The pictures shared on this page did not come from that video. I will not be party to the distribution of such evil that will only rile more people up.


  1. Uche,

    You really took your time to watch such carnage. To what good?

    Please allow me to stress from the pictures you have posted…THIS IS NOT NIGERIA.The men in military camouflage are not Nigerian. I was in the military and I can confirm that.

    My advice…Delete the tabs with such sites biko. You will only subject yourself to unnecessary nightmares.


  2. Hi Stranger,

    I could not lift pictures directly from the video as I do not want to taint the dead who have already suffered enough. I also do not want to be one of those who incite mass hysteria by sharing graphic pictures on their social media profiles to raise an army of haters for the North.

    And why did I watch this video? Do you want a student studying medicine not to understand how the graphic images of the human internal organs work or practise with a cadaver?

    I hate horror movies but most of us have to make the tough decisions to assess things so that we will understand delicate issues like this better.

    It is just like asking a white man to not watch videos of blacks that have been murdered by police even when they have surrendered. If they never see all these evidence, they might not believe that black Americans are treated unfairly.

    If you refuse to watch it, it's your choice but you can also walk around thinking that every non-northern person is safe in the North or that people are not killed based on their tribes in Nigeria.

    If it helps you sleep better at night, by all means, help yourself but we will not move forward in this country (or even eradicate tribalism) if we do not acknowledge that we have a problem or just slap a bandaid on the wound without properly assessing it.

    Thank you for visiting Onegeria. Be blessed!!

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