….A Few Questions for Dear Nigerian President Buhari

by Uche Onegeria 14 Jun , 2016  

1. We love your fight for corruption but why are some people locked up/questioned with their names thrown to the media while the people that you recovered $9.1 billion from remain unnamed? Some people might conclude that they are either not from your party or your tribe?
E.g. Olisa Metuh and Femi Fani-Kayode

2. Why are some “freedom fighters” locked up while some are brought to the negotiating table; Nnamdi Kanu Versus the Niger Delta Avengers? Nnamdi did not blow up pipelines. Why has he been locked up since..? I understand that the NDA has “crude oil” to bargain with but we all still believe in fair trial and human rights, right?

3. What are you doing to quell the current tribal unrest in the country?
Source: web

4. What plans does your administration have a sustained policy for the Niger Delta region?

5. What measures are you taking to proactively work with the Northern Nigerians to combat “extremism”? If you ignore this, you should know that it is already being mirrored in other parts of the country (it was only a matter of time).

6. 30% of Nigerians are illiterates. What is your administration’s plan and policy on improved education in Nigeria?

7. Your administration is shrouded in mystery and executing actions that are known to only you. Do you not want Nigerians to trust you? You know they cannot trust you if they continue being kept in the dark.

8. Let us discuss the comments you made on international television (when you were asked by a white lady about “Inclusive Development”) where you said Constituencies that gave me 97% cannot be treated equally with those that gave 5%” (let us forget that..that ratio does not add up).
I understand that your answer is not in line with the question asked (because you did not understand the lady very well) but it is absolutely absurd for you to have said something like that! If there was ever a time that “political correctness” was needed by you, that was the moment. You totally “Donald Trumped” that question (I’m building a wall). How can President Obama ignore Republic states because he is a Democrat or ignore white people because he is black?
Is that statement reflective of your current leadership Is that who you are? (because we do not need someone with this mindset leading all Nigerians).
Why did you take the voting proportions personal? It was just an election for Pete’s sakes.
9. Who is on your cabinet? How qualified are they to bring disruptive and effective solutions to Nigerians? What about your policies? Do you have any sustainability reports on the Nigerian situation? Does your team analyze various variables to know how “a” would affect “b”….”g” etc. before implementing results in most of your decisions? Or do they just implement policies on-the-go where their effects were not foreseen nor predicted (with poor Nigerians as guinea pigs)?
Case in point: the increased cost of living alongside our meager N18, 000 minimum wage.

10. In one word, what does your government stand for? I do not want to hear the word, “change” please. There are many other profound words in the dictionary like; Sustainability, Peace, Unity, Innovation, Integrity, Transparency, Family, Diversification etc.
Thank you, Mr. President,(or anyone who kindly wishes to step in and answer for him)

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  1. Uche,

    For some of us that want to answer these questions are they multiple choice or all compulsory??..lol

    Firstly I think you have caught the internet bug of gross exaggeration and manipulation of facts to fit your narrative. Some of those whom the $9.1billion were recovered from, who are his tribe were named and also undergoing trial. Remember former governor of Sokoto State Bafarawa? What of Baba Kusa who is a close associate of Dasuki? We have the former PDP Chairman as well. However haven said that, I do understand that willful return of the funds do not necessarily attract prosecution.We are all witnesses to the case of Olisah Metuh who was asked to refund the money and there was all sorts of drama. Press conferences by Metuh to intimate us on a so called nameless special assignment was a case in point. When now the authorities decided to go the full nine yards we suddenly want to draw on unnecessary sentiments. Today he is ready to return..wait for it… N400milllion.
    I am not one who is comfortable with the seeming lopsided prosecution of the anti-corruption war. For those who are probably old to remember at the peak of OBJ's anti-corruption war these allegations were also leveled against him. I will therefore be the first to admit that there is no clear strategy to the corruption fight. I think as Nigerians that should be our concern rather than bringing in ethnocentric coloration as our basis for any criticism. Else we help corruption in fighting back.

    On the so called "freedom fighters", I am not sure the government would turn a blind eye if the loquacious NDA General walked through our airports carrying his passport bearing his full name and said he was heading to Ghana. Lets not try to demean the people whose work is to protect our country and make it safe. They have a difficult job and one of such is to establish who faceless enemies of the state are, locate them and bring them to justice. Once again lets not have a selective amnesia. Boko Haram are in their own right another set of freedom fighters..who did not blow up pipelines but people…and I am not sure anyone is negotiating with them.

    On the cabinet we have, I am sure the president is making the same assessments. He has too. In the game of football for example you access the opponent and select the best 11 you possibly can. Sometimes you get it spot on other times you get it horribly wrong and have to make adjustments in game plan or even substituting personnel. I am not trying to trivialize running the country as an equivalent of football game but then let believe that these questions are being asked.

    I guess my response so far may paint me as "zombie" or sympathizer of the government but its actually far from it. I am a strong believer in the Nigeria project. The elections are over and this not time to score political points. We are have a government in power that has a job to do. I believe in holding them accountable for their actions. I am also prepared to show tough love until 2019 rather than run them down. But come 2019, God willing, we shall meet at the ballot!

    I agree with you that the statements and body language of the president do not portray him as a 'unifier'. In fact he seems to show a total disdain for certain sections of the country. The recent utterances of one of the ministers(Kachikwu) shows quite clearly that some of his team members are not at ease with this perception. Unfortunately it will continue to hunt him except he decides to change his tact.

    It is rather unfortunate but understandable to you label all Northern Nigerians as extremists. Religious extremists? Ethnic extremists? What extremists do you mean. The portrayal of the North as extremists is akin to calling the whole middle east as region of extremists and war mongers. But then people conveniently forget that Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar and even Morocco are all in the middle east. That is the dilemma of the north. The sins of a few visited on a majority. Permit me to address the issue of the north in another epistle.

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