7 Reasons the Internet is a Money-Making Machine While You Waste Time on it

by Uche Onegeria 7 Jun , 2016  

Omg! Like Emeka Okolocha commented on my blog a few days ago… Internet is reliable, power is constant, so you can just plug in, lose yourself and forget the rest of the world. Is that not the best feeling? Another feeling is just being on social media looking at funny or celebrity pictures, funny videos etc. or just hurling insults back and forth like it is food. Hmm… Belle dey empty ooh.
What I try to remind myself is this;
The celebrities in the movies that I watching were been paid millions while I sit, wasting my time, watching them for free. Also, for Social Media, if I am not learning, making great connections, carrying out research for my blog, you will not see me online. I do not have time to share nothing but love and to have rich and meaningful discussions with intelligent minds. That is my take on my use of social media. So, while you do what you do, just know some others are not just making profit from using it but changing lives as well.
Mark Zuckerberg created the Facebook platform which you are currently using to spread hate, flirt,….and he is making billions in profit while you stay wasting your time.. Look at the list below and see if you will be inspired to do more with your social media presence…..(not just more but better)!
1. 6 of the world’s top billionaires made the Forbes list from technology
Bill Gates, Microsoft ($75 B)
Carlos Slim Helu, Telecom ($50 B)
Jeff Bezos, Amazon ($45.2 B)
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook ($44.6 B)
Larry Ellison, Oracle ($43.6 B)
Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg LP ($40 B)
2. There exists some non-celebrities who realized that the internet is a goldmine a long time ago

These are the kinds of pictures our Dan publishes on social media
Dan Bilzerian who has 10.4 million Instagram followers is so popular, his cat Smushball has more than 790,000 followers. His estimated net worth is approximately $150 million. He gets paid several thousands of dollars to publish products for companies on his page. He also earns great revenue from the adverts generated on his profile.
Chiara Ferragni makes $8 million a year from social media and other deals which she got from her successful social media presence
Chiara Ferragni’s “Blonde Salad” fashion blog has made her become one of the most influential personalities in the international fashion world. She has her own footwear line, Instagram accounts and advertising partnerships. While her peers on social media make over $1 million a year, Ferragni’s makes about $8 million.
3. Nigerian Linda Ikeji and….her blog
Some have it that she is worth N2.3 billion ($10 million), others say it is less while some say she is definitely richer than $10 million. In all, we know the lady has disposable income like toilet paper so….let’s put that aside and recognize the fact that she reaped the benefits of being one of the pioneer bloggers in Nigeria.
Linda Ikeji and her multi-million Naira mansion

4. Don Jazzy and his power on social media keeps expanding his fanbase
Being in the music industry, Don Jazzy recognizes that social media exposure is a goldmine

5. Apart from the billionaires, most of the new kids  on the block like Evan Spiegel, Snapchat ($2.1 B) with some new technology scored big time financially.

6. Ben Murray Bruce’s social media efforts today is probably paving the ground for his “future political ambitions”.

7. Chinedu Echeruo who is Tech Entrepreneur & Founder of Hopstop.com and Tripology.com. Read the amazing feat from this tech guru below.
What can you do?
Instead of all the chaos in the country, why don’t you be that person that will go to school and develop the technology that will provide Nigeria with a sustainable energy source for power, our vehicles etc. Or discover a cure for cancer. Or encourage children to go to school and save the country. It just takes one Einstein, Mandela, Bill Gates to come along and change the way we live by improving the situation.
I would rather suffer right now and have this kind of breakthrough than suffer now, make a mess of everything, steal the future from our children by setting terrible examples for them and also not achieving anything.
If you want to tap into the internet resource, find your PASSION and plug it into the internet. Does that seem absurd to you? Too easy, right? Well, think this; everything is online now – the newspapers, gambling, movies, books, banking, music, shopping etc.
Get on board..the good news is that it is never too late.

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