10 Ways to Effectively Organize a Peaceful Protest in Nigeria

by Uche Onegeria 1 Jun , 2016  

1. Have a Leader (if the group is huge, have smaller groups with leaders as well for easy management).

2. If possible, have a proper Record of all participants at the rally.

3. Have an Agenda which will also ensure that the peacefulness of the rally is maintained by all participants. This agenda will also reinforce that weapons at these protests will not be allowed. One person with a weapon could ruin the purpose of your whole team.

4. Probably have Scouts who would look-out for the group from several locations to warn of any impending attack.

5. Have a great Back-up plan in case you are attacked in anyway so you will know what to do if you are attacked. Which direction do you run to?

Clenched fist held in protest vector illustration. Panoramic www.nelive.in

6. Get a good Camera (Cameraman) to capture everything as proof that your protest was truly peaceful (in fact several Cameramen in case some of them get arrested).

7. Ensure there are several (or adequate) escape points/routes for the group and advise all present about these exit points to minimize casualties from stampede if you are attacked.

8. Have good first Aiders, Nurses or Doctors to assist with casualties before they get serious.

9. Have some Vehicles (or bikes) on standby
to take the seriously injured people to the hospital.

10. Always remember that even if it is a protest, each life is valuable. Protect yourselves first.

Please, find other useful technical resources below
Handbook for Nonviolent Action
StarHawk’s tips on preparing for teargas
Demotex tear gas recommendations
Echo Action Network
AngleFire: has the most complete information for protesters. It advises that you STAY AWAY from chemicals.

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