You Might Get Away with these in Nigeria but Get in Trouble for them Overseas

by Uche Onegeria 3 Jun , 2016  

Africa’s development is truly different!However, personally, I think that there are some parts of it which we should preserve while those attributes which especially harm our basic sources of living, law & order, safety etc. really should be reviewed & discarded because an unorganized community just knows no peace nor progress.

Park your car in the middle of the road and chat with a friend/s… Yeah, just like an animal.

Honk to get the driver in front of you to go faster
Well, I do not know about other countries but Canadians are actually so polite, they will never honk you out of the road.
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Money Laundering…
Only the Nigerian politicians will understand this better than I do. Tons of them are thieves but claim to be Heroes while others continue walking free, granting press conferences to discuss the same economic problems that they caused

Put your car in reverse to back out of a road just because you have missed your way..This is a suicide mission mehn.. It is just risky. Stop doing it!

Bribe a cop if you are stopped for any traffic offence…. That will count as your second offence, honey!
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Drive on the road shoulder.. Yeah, you are an emergency vehicle, carrying an organ (your stupidity) needed for transplant ASAP!
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Jump the queue….You are the only one that understands the importance of time

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Be late for any meeting; official or casual.. That is mature and responsible!!
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Book an appointment and miss it… Lazy bum!
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Threaten anyone’s life (real life or over the internet on social media)
You have a dirty mouth, ehh? And you prove it to the whole world via social media. Take a step further; act like you can snuff out their life in a second! How old are you again…10?
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Buying your lecturer an expensive gift.. Hmm… Appreciation cards don finish for market? What are you truly looking for by doing this?
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Any form of violence (be it physical) e.g. beating or slapping anyone..So you are big? Let me get you in a ring with Mike Tyson.
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… Violence; Verbal where you yell at anyone at all.. Especially the police or your boss..just because you are not getting your way. If you are angry, go take a cold shower!
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… Violence; any form of animal cruelty.. Animals are so innocent, so adorable and….. They have limited social cues. They are animals for whatever sake, let them be!

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