10 Things that Happens When She Plays the Fool & Looks the Other Way

by Uche Onegeria 8 Jun , 2016  

What happens when you have something weighing heavily on your chest and the object of that feeling sleeps in bed with you at night and lives with you 24/7? Imagine living in the same house with your debtor….. Get back to me when you have an answer that does not drive you crazy.
She feels inferior; less of a woman 
She essentially becomes a shadow of her own self. This once confident woman could lose confidence because you are a poison that is gradually killing her.
She essentially becomes a skeleton of her former self. The light that used to be in her eyes will gradually get dimmer and she will smile/laugh less…. Even if you think it is there, she could be faking it.
She might lash out at you, at others, even when it is uncalled for.

If she gave 150% before, she could start giving less
When you invest 100% in a business and it fails, you might not invest again and even if you do, you might just do a measly 5 – 20%.

Loss of respect for you
She might be married to you but believe me, in her innermost being, she kills you every time and sees you as less of a man. You no longer slay dragons for her so why will you be her Prince in shining armour? When you need advice/help, she might not be bothered to help you at all.

She doesn’t have your back anymore and might become Selfish
If you were literally on fire, she might not spit on you to save you. If her family does not like you, she will not defend you anymore. I want to say, she is holding back (which is possible), but she cannot give you what you have killed. You have hurt her and she will want to hurt you back or just let life deal with you.

She starts confiding in other people
When the heart is heavy, it yearns to unburden its contents to another person. And remember that she tried to get through to you…. but instead of you to have seen a frustrated woman who desperately needed you, you see a nag and keep fighting back!
Source: kokofeed.com


She could start craving attention from other men
When someone is undervalued, they try to find another person who will value them. Every human being’s innermost desire is to be valued (wanted) by another or be appreciated. Why will you deny her this for the rest of her life? When you hear about women who fell in love with their security guards, what do you think happened? (not that I am approving infidelity).. I guess it starts with confiding in another person, receiving the attention/listening ear she was denied, then BAM! You know what is next… (you might actually get your wish…and lose her forever).

She might become unnecessarily emotional
She could cry a lot (especially when you are not looking) because she is essentially broken. You might find her alright in one instant and in the next, she has crumbled in a heap to cry.

She could become defiant (or Stubborn)
She could become stubborn because she has lost control of a part of her life. She is in a marriage that is headed in an unknown direction so she has to hold onto something (anything at all) even when it does not make sense to anyone.

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