White Woman (Married to a Nigerian) Hawks “Pure Water” to bring Attention to Nig Unemployment Crisis

by Uche Onegeria 6 May , 2016  

Watch Video Here
All I have found so far about her is that her name is Emese. She is originally from Hungary and met her husband (who is Yoruba) in England. She has a blog where she shares her life especially the challenges of being in an interracial marriage and more.
What do you think? How many of us are willing to leave the comfort of our homes to experience this measure of discomfort in a bid to shed light on most of our dire and seemingly unending and frustrating situations?
I know that not everyone will take the same route towards a “better Nigeria” but I observe that most of us do a lot of “talking” but no “acting”. If we actually acted positively in various ways towards a “great Nigeria”, we might actually be decades more advanced than we currently are.
…..Just a food for thought……

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