Watch a Video of this Harvard Graduate Whose Unique Speech Went Viral. It is Everything!!

by Uche Onegeria 31 May , 2016  

This is probably one of the most Amazing things I have heard recently in today’s world where it seems that terrible news have become the order of the day. I was only 2 minutes into the video and had to pause it to just…..get myself together and blog about it. It had the blood in my veins pumping like crazy and my heartbeat beating erratically. It is surprising that I did not just go into some kind of cardiac arrest.

Harvard School Graduate, Donovan Livingston
Watch Video here
Even Harvard University has called this spoken-verse commencement speech from Donovan Livingston “one of the most powerful, heartfelt student speeches you will ever hear!”
His message is moving. It will warm even the coldest of hearts and inspire you to do his bidding.

No matter how much people try to tell me that the Nigerian government only “listens to Violence”, I REFUSE to believe it.

Look at Obama; a black person in the white house today. He did not get there by physically blowing things up or taking to the streets for any reason at all. You might call it luck, fate or destiny, I call it STRATEGIC PLANNING. He went to school, worked his butt off, became a seasoned lawyer, gradually eased his way into politics, engaged with the right people then…..he got to lead the United States of America (the same group of people who enslaved his ancestors) and the rest of the world. Is this not just the best kind of karma or justice ever?
The “Pen is truly Mightier than the Sword”

No matter what you say, that saying will never be outdated (nor get old).

Source: CNN

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