Video: “We have to Kill Corruption or Corruption will Kill us”, President Buhari

by Uche Onegeria 14 May , 2016  

“Buhari ‘shocked’ by extent of corruption in Nigeria”…..CNN

Discussion Highlights
1. Fantastically Corrupt: David Cameron’s label for Nigeria as being “Fantastically Corrupt”.
2. Corruption: $2.1 billion budgeted to fight the major terrorist group, Boko Haram went into the pockets of our leaders. Most are behind bars now.
3. Ghost workers: President Buhari found legions of more than 23, 000 ghost workers when he resumed office.
4. Boko Haram

Some of the questions asked,
Christiane Amanpour: Give me a status report of your promise that you would have defeated Boko Haram by the first year of your presidency.
President Buhari: ….When we came in, Boko Haram was holding at least 14 of the 774 Local Governments in Nigeria. They pitched their flag and called it some sort of republic but now, Boko Haram is not holding any particular Local Government. They have now improvised with technology and have soft targets; churches, markets etc.


Watch Video here

Christiane Amanpour: Your government received a “proof of life” video and our correspondent showed their families these videos (which was the 1st time the families saw it). Why did your government not show the families proof of life of their kidnapped girls?

Some families of kidnapped girls showed video evidence of 15 girls kidnapped 
Source: CNN

President Buhari: I have not seen that video but even if I see it, I will be very careful about showing it to the families. There is no point to raise the hope of the families if you cannot get them. I have seen the families as a group twice; one when they came to see my wife and when they came to see me. The less I see the girls, the better for my emotional state. I try to imagine my 14 year old daughter missing for more than 2 years. A lot of fathers will prefer to see their graves than be in that condition. It makes me sad.
Screenshot from the video showing proof of life for some of the girls from Chibok area of Nigeria
 kidnapped by Boko Haram
Screenshot from the video showing proof of life for some of the girls from Chibok area of Nigeria
kidnapped by Boko Haram
Source: CNN


I do not know who said the story of the kidnapped Chibok girls is a hoax, but there is no way that all the evidence found so far is fabricated. I cannot imagine anyone’s sister, niece, daughter taken away from the safety of their homes and used as a spoil for some useless and senseless war. It is truly sad.
About President Buhari, it has been a long time that I have watched a video interview of any Nigerian president and actually felt any sense of pride. He truly matched Amanpour in this interview. He is truly a real man. He did not cower or try to give the answers that the civilized world would expect from him but his own candid answers. He is not perfect but I am truly proud of him. And the fact that I am commending him on one aspect of his job does not mean that I am endorsing him for everything he does. I criticize him when it is necessary. You do not throw the baby away with the bathwater. Read between the fine lines or fine print; understand what you wish. Differentiate between the crazy projections in your mind and reality. I will say the truth when I see it.
Thank you very much for reading. May God bless us all!

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