PresBuhari Agrees with David Cameron that Nigeria is “Fantastically Corrupt”

by Uche Onegeria 12 May , 2016  

Watch Video here

Press: Mr. President would you like to see an apology from the Prime Minister?
President Buhari: No, No. Not at all.
Press: Why not? Are you not embarrassed by what he said?
President Buhari: “No, I am not”
Press: Is Nigeria fantastically corrupt?
President Buhari: Yes
Dear Mr. President, it is not every question posed your way that you should answer. I cannot imagine Syrian President (or any other from any Islamic country) agreeing that they are a country of terrorists. David Cameron only said that in a private conversation with the queen and would not have said those words with the press. So why will President Buhari accept that “careless” statement in the public??

We know what David Cameron said is true but you do not have to agree with him publicly. President Buhari should have said something more in the lines of,

“I do not know where you heard that from so I cannot comment on that as I’m not the source. However, Nigeria has many hardworking people who understand our current battles and are driven to attain success. We will persist to ensure that effective policies which serve my people better are put in place”.

I do not want to bring up the “black man mentality” here; where we agree with everything a white man says/does. I hope our President mans up to have a mind of his own.

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