MUST READ! A Vital Lesson on Discriminating against Anyone

by Uche Onegeria 9 May , 2016  

An American man walked into a restaurant in London. As soon as he entered, he noticed an African man (black), sitting in one corner.

He walked over to the counter, removed his wallet and shouted,

“Waiter! I am buying food for everyone in this restaurant, except that black guy over there!”

The waiter collected the money and began serving free food to everyone in the restaurant, except the African. Instead of becoming upset, the black man simply looked up at the American and shouted,

“Thank you!”

This infuriated the American. So once again, he took out his wallet and shouted,

“Waiter! This time I am buying bottles of wine and additional food for everyone in this bar, except for that African sitting in the corner over there!”

The waiter collected the money from the man and began serving free food and wine to everyone in the bar except the African. When the waiter finished serving the food and drinks, the African simply smiled at the American man and said,

“Thank you!”

That made the American furious. So he leaned over the counter and asked the waiter,

“What is wrong with that black man? I have bought food and drinks for everyone in this bar except for him, and instead of becoming angry, he just sits there, smiles at me and shouts ‘Thank you.’ Is he mad?”

The waiter smiled at the American and said,

“No, he is not mad. He is the OWNER of this restaurant.”

My take; black is just physical. It is what we see…just like a mole on the body does not make you better or worse than the next person. A black skin does not mean the person’s brain is black as well or even retarded or dumb. All human brains are the same.
The only thing that might make this stereotype exist is that your typical white man might probably have a better and more privileged background for schooling and great positive exposure than other races.
That still does not mean that if given the same platforms to thrive that the black person cannot succeed as well if not more than the white person.  

Image Source: iStockphoto

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