MUST READ! 10 Signs you Might be an Internet Bully!

by Uche Onegeria 20 May , 2016  

You never have anything nice to say when you comment on any post
Even when you argue with other online users, you attack them viciously instead of having a reasonable dialogue.
You publish posts “indirectly” targeted at someone or a group just out of spite
You purposely ignore certain people (just out of spite), even when they contact you. And if you reply, you are as cold as a fish

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You publish overly refined images of you with the intention of “intimidating” others
You attack before you read (or even think about) what others published and why

You do not care for other people’s opinions or perspectives.
You think everyone has to think like you and actually try to enforce it.
Your expectations from online users is so unrealistic, even you cannot meet them
To you, everyone is doing it wrong. You are the only perfect online user. You just sit back, stare at your phone screen all day and look down your noses at others

You have no idea who they are, their background stories but you think you have the right to tell them how to live their lives
When you try to inform ignorant online users, you are usually condescending
(Yeah! You know it all)

You usually tell online users what you would not be able to tell them if you were to meet them in real life.
Words can hurt. You might not see their effects but you are not attacking a computer. You are attacking another human being, with flesh and blood; Just like any member of your own family.
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Finally……my favourite quote for social media users….
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