Find Pictures of a Beautiful Wedding Between a Nigerian Man and an Indian Lady

by Uche Onegeria 11 May , 2016  

So, I found this wedding between an Indian lady, Sharan and Nigerian, Jude which happened 3 years ago and my interest was piqued because you rarely see Indians who marry outside their tribes let alone culture and country.
Love truly does conquer all. They had 3 weddings: Traditional, Indian and Christian to celebrate both cultures.
Image from the thestudiobphotographyblog

Here is what their photographer said about them back then;

Sharan was shy initially, but Jude had a feeling that if he could get past that, it would be worth it. The two met in medical school, and although he had come there for an education, Jude couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe he could come away with something even more. Determined to win Sharan over, Jude was extra charming and slowly but surely she warmed up to him and the shyness disappeared. It turns out, it was worth it after all.

This dynamic doctor duo will be married this summer in Jamaica and we cannot wait to celebrate with them. Sharan and Jude are as friendly and welcoming of a couple as a photographer could ever dream of. When I arrived at their house in Columbus Jude greeted me warmly and asked if I would like a glass of water…or wine.

I laughed and said that perhaps wine might not be the best idea before a shoot and the ride home, but I definitely appreciated the hospitality. I had never been to Columbus before and was thrilled to discover the lovely riverside with plenty of gorgeous trees and the cute downtown area with lots of charm. Sharan and Jude are a wonderfully cheerful couple and I really enjoyed our time together during the shoot.

From: thestudiobphotographyblog

Indian and Nigerian Multicultural Wedding in Jamaica by Studio b Photography:

Find more pictures at thestudiobphotographyblo
Source 2: munaluchibridal

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