Another Nigerian, David Onyemata Makes it BIG Overseas! This Time with the American NFL (National Football League)

by Uche Onegeria 1 May , 2016  

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David Onyemata (born c. 1993) is a defensive tackle for the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at the University of Manitoba. (Source: Wikipedia)

Yes! Just like Ciara’s Russell Wilson, David Onyemata joined the American National Football league (NFL) today and the news is already trending on Twitter and in Canada. He was drafted by the New Orleans’ Saints!

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His former school football team, University of Manitoba Bisons had this to say about David

“It’s such a wonderful ‘Cinderella’ story…we are all excited for David being drafted into the NFL. It’s big for the entire locker room. David is such a great person and class act. Everybody involved with the program is happy and wishing the best for him as he embarks onto the next level in the NFL,” commented Bison Football head coach Brian Dobie. “David represents the best in all of us. There is a sense of immense pride in seeing him drafted in the NFL. I think, his journey and success is represented in all of us in the CIS and his Bison teammates and everybody have a little bit of ownership of him.”

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David Onyemata who is only 23 years is very excited with his achievement and appreciated his Manitoba, Canada teammates and coaches for their support which made his draft possible.

Onyemata, a native of Lagos, Nigeria, has had an amazing journey prior to being selected in the NFL as he had never played football before moving to Canada only five short years ago from Nigeria. In the five years, Onyemata emerged as a CIS standout star as he went from being a red-shirt in his first season at the University of Manitoba to being a CIS major award winner (2015 J.P. Metras Trophy award winner, presented to the Outstanding Down Lineman of the Year in CIS Football)”

Go David!
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David is 23 years old and came (I use the word “came” because I am also in Canada) to Canada in 2011 to get a College education.

We are proud of David but I cannot help but think that if he had stayed back in Nigeria, he would have probably ended up as a banker or….(but definitely not NFL). Do not misunderstand me – I will not take away the fact that the Nigerian banks have provided jobs for most Nigerians. Heck! Nigeria would have been in trouble if we did not have the banking jobs….

However, Nigeria needs to do more to provide avenues for youths to excel and thrive, while using their God-given talents to do what they truly love.
Anyway, I hope the NFL will (kind of) set their eyes on Nigeria with this news, and give more of our boys a chance at greatness (I can only wish).

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